Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good news from Wyoming -- But where, oh where, is Alabama on the Firearms Freedom Bill?

My thanks to Stan for forwarding this bit of good news. The only thing is, why hasn't Alabama passed a similar Firearms Freedom Bill. Promises were made by certain politicians last year when the legislature was not in session. Now it is. Where's the bill?


AlphaWolf(Mark Mc) said...

This bill not only passed the house , it passed the Sr=tate Senate with an unprecidented 30-) vote and now awaits the Govenors signature.

Pat H said...

Yes, we have a similar bill in committee here in South Carolina. Not as well written as the one in Wyoming, though, no teeth to punish US government thugs for assaulting the citizenry for pursuing their right to private property of their own devices and to dispose of that property as they see fit.

It's bogged down in committee because we still have too many state government officers who think, if they pander to the fed well enough, should an opening in that government occur, one of their number can move up the government food chain. Often as not, they're correct.

That's one of the reasons that so many of our state governments now resemble the Washington leviathan so closely.

Taylor H said...

I feel your pain. Here in Kentucky, our own Firearm Freedom Bill has gotten stalled. We're working on it though!

Dakota said...

We just passed the same bill in South Dakota. The governor says he will sign it ..... wouldn't matter if he refused there's enough votes to override anyway. Brings up some pretty interesting things.

jon said...

well, more power to you. the only "firearms freedom act" i'm ever going to see in massachusetts is my receipt being printed up at the delta ticket window in logan airport.

Carl Bussjaeger said...

We had two FFAs in NH; one with penaties and one without. They both got Inexpedient To Legislate in committee. given the Dem make up of the House, I expected that. But we should see quite a shake up in November, so things should go better next year, particularly with other states that have passed it as shining examples.

Toaster 802 said...

I am watching Gods and Generals right as I read this.

I am reminded of timeless things;

1. In our past, men have paid in blood for freedom.

2. Time and time again, tyranny raises it's head. Always in the name of power over others, different players with the same goal down through the ages.

3. It is best to win without fighting. But it is best to win, period. Fight for our birthrights, for our families, for our children. Fight to win, wherever and however the fight is fought.

They fight for their union benefits and retirement. We fight for OUR Liberty, OUR Freedom, and OUR Republic.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Scott J said...

The AL Senate did pass a law that legally codifies an attitude I've long held: my employer's property ends where the tires of my vehicle begins.

I believe that means it goes to the govenor for signature.

Perhaps he can tear himself from his nanny-state campaign against gambling long enough to sign it.