Sunday, August 2, 2009

Of "Zionist swine" and the "Gun Virus": It seems I am "a major disappointment."

SA troops guarding a Jewish-owned business in Vienna shortly after the Anschluss. The graffiti on the store window reads, “You Jewish pig, may your hands rot off!”

This comment below was sent in response to "Take Not Counsel of Your Fears." Merely leaving it appended to that post however does not do it justice. I receive many nasty notes from anti-Semites and neoNazis, but they rarely make the cut because they say nasty things about my mother, etc. This one is more restrained than most, so I'll not only let it through but post it prominently as an example to the others.


Anonymous said...

So you are "sick and tired". What would have been productive is posting the name, address and schedules of criminals in our government and industry that need fixing. The dummies that signed up as cannon fodder and to be exploited by Zionist swine, the cops arresting Mary Jane smokers are all the enemy..and you can be tired and sugar coat reality till blue in the balls. Put a uniform on a dimwit, throw in a few "attaboys" and the tool will kill momma's and babies all day and night..including his own momma. F you Mike for giving jagoffs in uniforms credit where NONE is DUE. Major Cook has my respect for rejecting illegal orders from the interloper in the WH. You Mike, are a major disappointment.

August 2, 2009 2:05 PM

I found Anonymous' reference to "Zionist swine" interesting. I am in the middle of reading Victor Klemperer's The Language of the Third Reich. He speaks of the necessary process of "objectification" of people before they can be killed with justification by the state.

I know exactly the moment, and the very word, that expanded, or was it narrowed, I'm not sure which, my philological interest from the literary to the specifically linguistic. . . It occurred at the point when (a teacher of mine) expressed his rage at the expression Menschenmaterial (human material, manpower). Material, he said, refers at most to the skin and bones and the entrails of an animal; to speak of human material is to stick to mere matter and to ignore the spiritual, the essentially human aspects of a human being. . . Why does a palpable and undeniable brutality come to light when a female warder in Belsen concentration camp explains to the war crimes trial that on such and such a day she dealt with sixteen 'stuck' Gefangenen ('head' of prisoners)? . . . We are dealing with the professional avoidance of reference to the person, with abstraction, Stuck (piece, head), on the other hand, involves objectification. . .

Should this objectification of the individual personality be seen as a special characteristic of (the language of the Third Reich)? I don't think so. This is because it is only applied to people to whom National Socialism has already denied membership of the human race proper, people who, as members of a lesser or inimical race, or as subhumans, have been excluded from that true brand of humanity exclusive to the Teutons or those of Nordic blood. -- pp. 138-140

This objectification is major warning sign of collectivist language, which is a necessary predicate to excuse mass murder. Some take it even further. Hitler referred to "the Jewish disease." For if people are not animals like swine, they are dehumanized even further to "viruses." And the Austrian homosexual prostitute is not the only practitioner of that objectification. Take the atheist site of Craig A. James, The Religion Virus, found here. Describing a belief in God as a "virus" is not such a great step from describing people of faith as "disease carriers."

The social scientist and "revolutionary socialist," Samir Amin, has written a book entitled The Liberal Virus which

"argues that the ongoing American project to dominate the world through military force has its roots in European liberalism, but has developed certain features of liberal ideology in a new and uniquely dangerous form. Where European political culture since the French Revolution has given a central place to values of equality, the American state has developed to serve the interests of capital alone, and is now exporting this model throughout the world. American imperialism, Amin argues, will be far more barbaric than earlier forms, pillaging natural resources and destroying the lives of the poor."

Then of course we have the Gun Virus.

In a letter to the editor of the Salt Lake City Tribune back on 15 May of this tear, Ron Molen wrote:

It is interesting to observe our nation gear up for the onslaught of the swine flu virus. The medical profession provides leadership, an organization is in place to mount a defense, most people accept recommended precautions, and a responsible U.S. government cooperates with other nations to halt a potential pandemic.

In contrast, we know the gun virus kills 30,000 Americans every year, yet the recommendations of the medical profession are flipped off and leadership is usurped by National Rifle Association gun addicts. There is no bureaucracy to regulate the proliferation of guns, and citizens are expected to survive on their own or buy a gun and be willing to shoot to kill.

Citizens of every other advanced nation, where guns are tightly controlled, are stunned by the spineless politicians of a self-proclaimed superpower who are afraid to confront the NRA and halt the epidemic of gun deaths that strike 82 Americans every day.

So, if guns are a deadly virus, and you own a firearm, that makes you, what, Typhoid Mary, right? Disease carriers are at best quarantined and at worst "liquidated," another collectivist objectification of humanity.

I guess I should be content with merely being an anti-Semitic "disappointment" rather than a swine or a virus.


ranamacar said...

I'm reading "War of the World" by Niall Furguson right now. Thick book, but it goes into great detail about the world leading up to WW2 (so far as I've read- it probably goes into the Cold War as well). Some of the details of how the Jews (and gays, Gypsies, mentally ill, etc.) were treated in the 1920's and 30's need more exposure. Klemperer is referenced a few times, and there's a bit of his history given.
The neo-Nazis don't even know their own history, from what I've seen and heard. They believe what their leaders tell them, blindly, and live off of hate. Being of German/Swedish ancestry, I've had the little maggots try to recruit me (and my son) and I'd rather talk to Jehovah's Witnesses than the average anti-Semite.
Keep disappointing them Mike, and I'll do the same in my area. Knowledge is power and I haven't stopped learning yet.


ParaPacem said...

Two thoughts come to me. One, a wonderful and courageous friend, a Jewish blogger, once quoted the late - and terribly missed! - Oriana Falacci as saying, "The Jew is the canary in the coal mine; as you see the Jew treated by the world at large, so may you expect your own group, race or family, to be treated as soon as the latest tyrants gain enough power."
I have had Israeli friends from the IDF in the long ago, and they well understood that the people who encourage the dull witted ones to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel, will also purge the ones who did their bidding as soon as they were inconvenient.

Two - for those who consider us a sort of virus - as Lenny or Bobby would say, "Hey! I gotcha your innoculation right here in the caliber of your choosing."

thedweeze said...

This sword cuts both ways.

They do it to us, and we do it back. I, too, am guilty, so don't think for an instant that I assume any sort of moral high ground here.

"Do unto others" applies to everyone, not only church goers.

[/sermon off]

loneviking said...

The problem is not just objectification but oversimplification. To the Nazis', all Jews were the problem, when in fact only a few were (arguably) the bankers who profited off the demise of the German economy following WW1.
Ditto for your commentator who thinks all cops are the enemy. They aren't. Many are members of oathkeepers, many are as sick and tired of the socialist bent of this country as anybody in the militia movement.
It's just easier to see things in black and white, while ignoring the truth that much is grey.
And 'gun virus'? I'll send you my gun, one bullet at a time!

Happy D said...

One of my hometown newspapers quoted on Sipsey Street how exciting!
Sorry about the stink the Tribune is mostly good for wrapping fish or lining bird cages. The other papers are less different than one would hope. Sadly not any more different than one expects.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Happy D, et al,
I'm proud to be a gun virus carrier. And I don't feel the least bit sick. But let any Socialist try to come near me to "innoculate" me & see who gets the more fatal disease. . .

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) US Army

Anonymous said...

"Citizens of every other advanced nation, where guns are tightly controlled, are stunned by the spineless politicians of a self-proclaimed superpower who are afraid to confront the NRA and halt the epidemic of gun deaths that strike 82 Americans every day."

This indicates how little the world or the author of this comment knows/cares about how the USA works. The politicians are not spineless, they value their job. The only thing holding gun regulation somewhat at bay is the perceived violent backlash that the voters will levy on the elected elite. There are those who still think we have a right to bear arms. Republican, libertarian, democrat, it makes no difference.

We Americans like our guns. Pass this on to your progeny.


Anonymous said...

I'm much more concerned about the infinitely greater number of people who are killed by motor vehicles each year. There's no Constitutional right to keep and drive a motor vehicle! Why aren't we banning motor vehicles. What is wrong with those spineless politicians who continually ignore this pressing problem in America. I say ban them all now!