Monday, August 3, 2009

"Dezinformatsiya": The "Birthers" Controversy Rolls On, But to What End?


"The communists must be prepared to make every sacrifice and, if necessary, even resort to all sorts of cunning schemes and stratagems, to employ illegal methods, to evade and conceal the truth.

.... The practical part of communist policy is to incite one [enemy] against another.

.... We communists must use one country against another.
My words were calculated to evoke hatred, aversion, and contempt.....not to convince but to break up the ranks of the opponent, not to correct an opponent's mistake but to destroy him, to wipe his organization off the face of the earth.

This formulation is indeed of such a nature as to evoke the worst thoughts, the worst suspicions about the opponent."

--- Various quotes from V. I. Lenin, found here at "Crash Course in KGB/SVR/FSB Disinformation and Active Measures."

The alleged "smoking gun."

So here I am back at the computer, going through hundreds of emails stacked up from the weekend and what do I find? A purported Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama. "The Smoking Gun!" one headline triumphantly proclaims.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am no expert when it comes to official Kenyan government documents, but it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to discover that the document above, dated 4 August 1961, claims to represent a birth documentation from the "Republic of Kenya" which didn't become an independent "republic" until 12 December 1963. Prior to that it was a British colony.


Dezinformatsiya strikes again.

Again from "Crash Course in KGB/SVR/FSB Disinformation and Active Measures."

Out of these 'Principles of Leninism' the contemporary Soviet concept of Dezinformatsiya, or disinformation, has evolved. The Russians define disinformation as 'the dissemination of false and provocative information.' As practiced by the KGB, disinformation is far more complex than the definition implies. It entails: the distribution of forged or fabricated documents, letters, manuscripts, and photographs; (emphasis supplied, MBV) the propagation of misleading or malicious rumors and erroneous intelligence by agents; the duping of visitors to the Soviet Union; and physical acts committed for psychological effect.

Look, folks, haven't you noticed that it is the state-run media who have themselves whipped up this latest spate of "birther" stories? Ever ask yourself why? People who buy into disinformation discredit themselves by the very act of doing so. It doesn't matter how correct they are about everything else. This is one indelible lesson I learned from the private investigation of the Oklahoma City Bombing. The Clintonistas (and now the Obamanoids -- but of course, one may reasonably ask, what's the difference? -- Is Eric Holder a Clintonista or Obamanoid? The answer is both.) are masters of Dezinformatsiya, probably because they understand the principles of Leninism all too well, seeing as how they are his intellectual descendants.

Understand that.

They ARE Leninists, which means they never do anything without a reason.

Did they know years ago that this would be an issue? Certainly. Did they have the ability to forge a credible long-form birth certificate to short-circuit any questions of illegitimacy? Certainly. Did Hillary's campaign have not only the ability but the ruthlessness necessary to go after him on this issue through cut-outs and surrogates in the press? Certainly. Yet they didn't. Why?


Sideshows are deliberately entertaining for one purpose: to distract attention from the seedier aspects of the main attraction. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Serious opponents of this regime, this gangster government, know that they cannot pin their hopes on one "smoking gun," one piece of paper which will make their constitutional indigestion go away without pain.


One of the wisest things I've read to date on the "birther" controversy comes from this column at the American Thinker written by James Lewis, and I think I'll close with this post with it. My thanks to FourRedBullsaDay for drawing my attention to it. I can't say even I like all his conclusions, but they are nonetheless true. If we are going to win this, we must not waste time with "Dezinformatsiya."


Obama's birth debate: It's about loyalty
By James Lewis

The birth debate about Obama is real enough, but it is legally complicated, as analyzed by legal beagle Andrew McCarthy at National Review. No judge is going to question the Constitutional qualifications of an elected president. I'm sorry, but that's the practical reality. The judge is going to follow stare decisis -- the sheer weight of commitments that cannot be reversed without creating chaos. Once the political system of the United States, the voters, the media, and the politicians themselves are all committed to the proposition that Obama is president, trying to reverse it would mean riots in every city in the nation. At some point even debatable claims become irreversible. That is why Al Franken is now the US Senator from Minnesota, even if his election was corrupt and wrong. It's water under the bridge. Leave it to history.

And yet the Obama "birther" debate is important. What's important about it is the feeling a growing number of Americans have in their bones that Obama is foreign -- to our traditions, loyalties and shared understandings about the nature of America. In a way the legal debate matters less than that bone-deep sense that Obama is fundamentally "Other than American."

We all recognized George W as a prototypical American -- even if you didn't agree with him or even like him. There he was cutting dry brush around his modest West Texas ranch house, to keep down the fire danger, while the fat and foolish White House punditry stayed huddled back in the air conditioning. Or flying onto the aircraft carrier in a jet trainer after Saddam was overthrown. Or heading straight to walk Ground Zero with the cops and fire fighters right after 9/11. Bush looked at home with those cops, because he was. He likes those guys, and they like him. They are made of the same stuff. Obama isn't.

Obama is a socialist, which means that his deepest commitment is not to our nation but to the Internationalist Ruling Class. That is why the Left always has to argue that Americans' love of country will kill off the rest of the world -- by global warming, by overpopulation, any excuse will do. The fact that it's all lies proves the point: The Left must lie in order to convince millions of Americans that their normal feelings of patriotism are evil.

These facts are so obvious that they are not even worth arguing about. Obama's first international speech -- characteristically before getting elected -- started with the phrase "Citizens of the World!" Anybody on the Left has to think, "Workers of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!" That was the intended message to the left, of course -- that's how David Axelrod thinks, that's how Obama's mentors have always thought -- going back to his way-left mother and his Kenyan socialist father. The interracial affair between the Kansas anthropologist 20-year-old and the Kenyan socialist was itself a revolutionary act, the way these people think. It was a positive good to bear an interracial child, even if the kid was going to be abandoned by his father and mother. From that point onward the Old Left handled the whole chain of custody. Obama was passed along by leftie sponsors, one after the other. Frank Marshall Davis was the Communist Party guy in Hawaii, and wrote for the Hawaiian Communist Party rag. You can trace it link after link, following the Alinskyite chain all the way to the far left wing of the Chicago Machine, then 20 years of being preached at by Rev. Jeremiah Wright (whose brand of Christianity is only Marxism under a transparent layer of lies).

That's our Obama, and that's what he proudly proclaimed: Not Oh Say Can You See/ By the Dawn's Early Light, but Dreams from My (Kenyan Socialist) Father.

This is not a secret. Obama is foreign to America in a way that has little to do with his birth certificate. He could be American-born and still think in this very anti-American way. A lot of people are. But whatever he is legally, there is not a shred of doubt that he is steeped in an Anti-American way of thinking.

This is what I suspect the birther movement is about. Yes, the legalities are suspect. No, it will never make any practical difference. But most important, the birthers are aware of a deep intuition about Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama: That he is profoundly out of tune with the meaning of America since the Founding. He is out of harmony with this country and this culture, like the dissonant scream of a power-saw biting into steel or concrete. He just grates on the American sensibility.

Obama is a Ruling Class Aristocrat -- by intuition, beliefs, and personal egomania. He was born to rule. It's partly that he has always gone to all the elite schools, from Hawaii to Harvard, just like Michelle. But he was put into those schools by the efforts of the left, which is a Socialist Ruling Class movement. The left in its own vision is always Ruling Class To Be that is being kept unjustly from taking over the world. That's why they hate real democracy, why they sneer at Coke and fries, and why capitalism is so bad: Because it constant caters to "vulgar" tastes.

(The fact that the left always claims to help the lowest of the low is just a political tactic. By digging up the most resentful victims -- by race, class or gender -- you bring out the most explosive revolutionary dynamite; it's the people who are the most envious and resentful, who want nothing more than to flip the world upside-down and watch destruction rain down. That's why the Left constantly appeals to the "idealism" of teenagers, the natural rebels. They all want to rock the world. And if it's not teens, it's illegal immigrants, sexual deviants, the homeless, drug addicts, criminals, the racially oppressed, those who hate themselves, the prostitutes, and the mentally ill. Karl Marx called them the Lumpen-Proletariat, the Eternal Underclass who want to smash whatever is. As the Nazi slogan said it, "Alles Muss Anders Sein" -- "Everything Must Be Different."

The left is about the overthrow of whatever is, whether good or bad. The Eternal Underclass is the cannon fodder of any revolution. They are the lowlifes who can be trusted to burn down the Reichstag, to smash the stores of the Jews -- or in Indonesia, of the Chinese -- and to hang the rich from the nearest lamp post. When blue collar workers started to make money the Left didn't rejoice in their new well-being and happiness. Rather, the left just looked for another Underclass: Those who felt oppressed by race, gender, sexual habits, whatever. For the left, any Underclass only exists to be manipulated by the Natural Ruling Class, the Aristocratic Vanguard, the Obamas of this world. That's the only political strategy of the left. That is why they constantly lie and still believe in their own moral superiority.)

So is Obama American-born? I don't know. I bet he never comes up with that vault copy birth certificate for us to examine. But it's never going to matter a hill of beans, because no judge wants to be accused of overthrowing a sitting President of the United States.

But is Obama in tune with the soul of this country as Americans have understood it since 1776?

I think we all know the answer to that.

That is what our political battles will be about, for years and years to come. Don't expect it to be solved soon. It's been going on for a century. It didn't end with American victory in the Cold War. It is most of all a battle for minds and hearts, not for territory -- although territory matters. Conservatives helped win the Cold War, but did not win the battle for the schools and universities. That is why Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama is now President.

Gear yourself up, and don't stop fighting the battle for hearts and minds. It's all-important.


Larry said...

We may not win this by one cut, but death by a thousand cuts is just as good. It doesn't matter whether aka Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya; he is still not a "natural born citizen." And as the article stated, he is certainly not an "American" in any other sense of the word. He hates this country and is doing everything he can to destroy it, including pissing on as many people as possible to entice some sort of armed rebellion. He clearly wants this.

While the Kenyan birth certificate may well be a fake, what does the left want to distract us from? We see what is going on. He is putting the most despicable people in every branch of government there is, trying to control every last bit of freedom through "health care" (read "Behavior Control"), and is setting each "collective class" against the other (racial, illegal immigrants, economic, sexual deviants, etc) and setting the stage for total disarmament and dictatorship.

What is your take on why Hillary didn't take on the natural born citizen argument against AKA?

CorbinKale said...

Larry asked, "What is your take on why Hillary didn't take on the natural born citizen argument against AKA?"

I think it is because she knew that SHE could come up with any piece of paper she might need, at any time. With the power players backing Obama, it would have been foolish to waste time money and effort on a battle that she was certain to lose.

Notice that Obama refuses to even aknowledge that there is a question about his legitimacy. It suits his purpose to let his enemies exhaust themselves in a futile campaign. He could produce any document, should it come down to that.

I am not saying that these 'Birther' efforts are without moral and ethical grounds. Quite the opposite, in fact. However, well-intentioned this fight may be, it is doomed to failure from the outset. That is why Clinton never engaged on this front.

suek said...

Hey..if a fake birth certificate gets the matter actually considered in a court of law, then I'm all for it.

Impeachment just ain't agonna happen unless there's a _MAJOR_ change in the majority party and the numbers of within the Congress in the majority party.

Working on ineligibility is preferable to insurrection, imo.

American Genie said...

I may be totally wrong about this but, the way I understand it is that this is a copy which was requested by someone in 1964, Note the date of the official's signature.

If that is the case could it not be possible that the information was transcribed onto a new form to provide the copy?

I do not begin to state emphatically that this document is real, but I certainly cannot say without a doubt that it isn't & compared to the obviously faked document the dear leader & his minions provided prior to the election it looks rather authentic to my untrained eyes. Besides I don't think all the brains of all his thugs combined could come up with something this authentic looking. If it's a fake I doubt seriously that dear leader's handlers had anything to do with it.

God bless the Constitutional Republic of America!

Old Pablo said...

Thank you, once again, for your lucid commentary. We will win the day with rational thought and being responsible for our thoughts and actions.

Anonymous said...

You may be correct regarding the forgery, but the date issue isn't a problem. Note the last lines of that document.

"I, Joshua Simon COUYA, Deputy Registriar of Births,Deaths and Marriages for the Coast Province of Kenya, do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the entry recorded in the Birth Register of this Province, Book 44B, Page 5733."

"Given under my Hand and Seal of Office this 17th day of february, 1964."

rexxhead said...

The bad part of all this is that the GOP will look pretty good by comparison come 2012, and a third-party candidate who might actually be an improvement will again have no chance at serious consideration.

Maybe it's all just a huge tennis game between Republicans and Democrats -- campaign like a savior, reign like a dictator, and do-si-do come election day because (enough of) the rubes will never figure out they're being taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

This paper is probably one used when Obama's mother was divorcing his father. This established grounds for paternity in the divorce court. The date is between the time she filed for and later received the divorce.

Stranger said...

Let's have another Oops. With more emphasis this time.

The bottom line of this purported CERTIFIED COPY reads "Given under my hand and seal of office this 17th day of February, 1964"

Given that 17/2/1964 is just over two months from Kenya's 12/12/1963 founding, this is not OBVIOUSLY a forgery.

So what do the Kenyans say about it? The three I know well enough to query say it's either legit or someone had access to at least one original Kenyan birth certificate. So the question is open.

Bottom line? The facts remain to be determined. But this should be a $100 issue - and at least $10 million has been spent on a coverup.

"Metis improbos compesci, non clementia" Fear, not kindness, restrain the wicked.


threepers creeper said...

Look, I hate the guy as much as the rest of you, but this birth certificate crap has to end. NOW!!! All we are doing is lending credence to the assumptions that we are just right wing nut jobs. If there were any serious merit to the claims that the JOKER (that's what I'm going to call Obama from now on) was not an American Citizen, then the courts would have taken up this matter by now. Besides, what good will it do if we get him thrown out? They won't give John McCain the White House. The Presidency will go to Biden with Pelosi taking the VP slot. That will definitely not be an improvement and may very well be worse off. They all believe the same crap that comes out of their mouths. So does it really matter which of those fools runs things. We are better off focusing our efforts on doing all we can to legitimately and legally fight the things they are trying to force upon us.