Friday, April 22, 2016


I have been trying my best to answer mail requests and comments but I am still woefully behind.  I owe it to each person that supports the 3% movement and contacts me through this blog, the email addresses, or now through Facebook, a timely and considerate response.  Due to the overlap in information requests I would like to address a few recurring questions.

Question 1: How is Mike doing?
Still ornery as ever. As good as to be expected.  "Fair to middlin', partly cloudy" as he would say. He has been spending most of his time tying up loose ends such as finalizing a will, tinkering with Absolved, meeting with old friends, and generally still being a thorn in the side of the enemies of liberty.  There is still much to do and I think that has been keeping him going.

Question 2: T-Shirt Sales
Regretfully, t-shirt sales will have to be put on hold for the foreseeable future.  I would like to start exploring a Cafe Press or other online t-shirt company where fans can get SSI logo merchandise,but that will be well into the future.  There still exists a quantity of original 100 heads shirts but I cannot say for certain what colors and sizes remain.  I deeply apologize that I cannot give you a concrete answer as to when the remainder will be made available.  Though I am not personally aware of any remaining orders, if you have paid money for the shirts and not received any, please send me the date and amount you sent as well as any pertinent shipping and contact information.  You can reach me at

Question 3: Absolved
This being the 300 million dollar question on everyones lips.  With a bit of luck, the Old Man will live to see this book become a reality.  I assure you he wants nothing more than to be able to make good on his promise to put a copy of the book personally in your hands.  If he cannot, that will fall on the family.  As the final work of Mike Vanderboegh, I vow to you that I will make this a reality.  It will go out first on Kindle and then on paperback.  Absolved will not be an unfulfilled dream.


Backwoods Engineer said...

"It will go out first on Kindle and then on paperback. Absolved will not be an unfulfilled dream." Will purchase multiple copies the SECOND it hits Amazon, and I'm sure thousands of other 3%ers will, too.

Thanks for the update, and tell your father I am praying for him. Praying for you too, Matthew; you have taken up a good work.

John Otis Comeau said...

"I owe it to each person..." whoa, hold it right there, young man. you most assuredly do not, and if you believe you do, you should have kept it to yourself, because now the enemy knows you have this self-enforced flaw they can, and will if they find it necessary or even entertaining, use to mount a massive DDOS against your time and mental energy. I'd recommend setting a fixed amount of time per day that you feel comfortable with to that purpose, and adjust it up or down as needed. we need you around for the long haul.

and thanks for the updates.

Carl Stevenson said...

Glad the hear it. I'm sure there are many thousands of others who are Aldo glad to hear it.
I read most, if not all of the chapters that were available online a couple of theirs ago.
Ineagerlybawait the opportunity to have a copy of the whole thing in my Kindke reader s/w on my iPad.

Sedition said...

While it may be a bit of an undertaking, have you considered rounding up all of SSI's posts over the years and putting them into book format?
That would make a GREAT coffee table book and could potentially earn extra money.
Just a thought.

Unknown said...

If you think it would help, I would be happy to take on the t-shirt duties. I could sell the remaining shirts, handle the shipping, and look into cafepress options and handle that, with the proceeds obviously being sent to your family.

Mike should know who I am, he met me in Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading Absolved from cover-to-cover. What I have seen so far is spell-binding and a teriffic read.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about us - we understand. Take care of your dad and what you absolutely have to take care of. Glad to hear Mike's still ornery!

God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Chelsea Clinton: Scalia’s Gone, There Is An Opportunity For Gun Control Now…

MrMossberg • 11 hours ago

Here's the truth: no matter who is in SCOTUS, no matter who is in Congress, no matter who is president, the administration, their attending parasites and every leftist organization in the country, no matter who it is and what they try to order, legislate, rule or say, the Second Amendment will remain the stalwart bastion of our will and the means to resist them. It is the ONLY Amendment they couldn't remove, and it's there to protect us from smarmy fucks like them! It's really quite simple! Try to deny us our constitutional right to bear arms and we will kill you! See? End of rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

There was mention of a smuggling run of magazines to a ban state - is this still happening? I see mags on sale ever week, and I would like to make a donation if the run is still taking place.

Tell Mike we're praying for him!

TimeHasCome said...

Slow down , you are working too hard at the blog . Do things that are a interest to you and others will follow . The fun of Mikes blog was that it was a extension of him . Take your time and care for your father first and all the rest will come at it's own pace.

Joe Kidd said...

Sorry for not being in the know. Just came across a January tweet from David Codrea:
Mike, you and your family are in our prayers.