Friday, February 5, 2016

"Were We Used in Burns?"

In a sort of mixed reaction, most in the liberty movement hailed it as a success for liberty. The government backed down. Many clear heads that were on the ground were quick to point out that the Paynes, Blaine Coopers, Pete Santillis, the Ritzheimers, and others were dangerous at best. They pointed out the dangers of what they were promoting. Very detailed exposes showed what the backgrounds of these folks really were up to. Sadly, it was ignored by most. Whoever was behind these provocateurs took the “loss” in stride and made plans to continue on with the mission. Ryan Payne became a confidant of the Bundys, almost like another son. A son who pumped up the Bundys with the notion that they were the chosen ones to save the BLM land for the ranchers. Those who funded the provocateurs knew they were doing the right thing though and continued their funding. The mission remained to discredit ranchers in the west that had grazing leases from the BLM.


Anonymous said...

Hmm I think Im fully vindicating in point this out some time ago about how screwed up the entire Burns thing was at the outset, especially pointing out the various MASSIVE failures that these alleged "militia" made in all phases and executions of their "occupation".. people should have been red flagging at their choices of words, but instead hurled flack my way about how I didn't support these idiots. Embrace the suck folks, I was right and my military experience was what told me so that this was a set up, this was a real time OP that followed the Jade Helm exercises intent. But you cant tell some true believers anything, they would deny anyone and everyone elses common sense and experience so they can continue their delusion of thinking they are "right" and the rest of us are "conspiracy theorists" and loons. Reality has proven otherwise. When you follow buffoons too closely and blindly, you will ultimately find your own head deep in their ass.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Ive upset someone pretty terribly, I am being universally removed from all of the Disqus comment histories, notably they started with my posts concerning the Jade Helm references around Burns Oregon and 4GW warfare. God I hate it so much when I am right....If the same comes to pass here (heads up Mike, id bet you get a disturbing official email concerning me real soon), good luck, you know not what you are up against. I've finally drawn too much attention to myself.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

TimeHasCome said...

I always remember the axiom that "Trends start from the bottom up and fads start at the top down ". There are thousands of Malhuers being planned around the world because of the actions of a few . The political elite class is losing it's grip on power . Don't believe me ? When was the last time your congresscritter held a Town Hall ? The second wonderful trend to watch is the open carry crowd . Young people by the thousands are carry firearms much like the old west and are confronting law enforcement to do something .
I am slightly older than dirt and to me these trends are wonderful thing to watch . There will be stops and starts to this trend but overall the future is bright . In the last two months there has been nearly 6 million firearms sold . That is nearly more than a years sales in all of 1999. No hand wringing here ,just watching this trend unfold.

Chiu ChunLing said...

"I write regularly that the battle for liberty is over the middle 40% of America."

I'm continually bemused by analyses of the situation which take as a bedrock (often unstated) premise that we're going to vote our way out of tyranny at this point. That isn't going to happen, and anyone that believes it will should have nothing to do with the III% movement. If you think that the III% can exist as a means of shifting the political dialogue by threats of violence, then it isn't a legitimate resistance but domestic terrorism.

Of course, domestic terrorism doesn't tend to be quite as bad as international terrorism. International terrorists almost always resort to actual violence to give credibility to their threats of further violence. Domestic terrorists frequently don't need to engage in anything more than preparations for violence to send their message. So I don't have a lot of patience for the people who compare domestic terrorists to international terrorists as if they were exactly the same thing. But I still wouldn't associate myself with a domestic terrorist ideology.

I'm with the III% because I see very clearly that the political process has failed utterly and is no longer a viable means of defending whatever liberties we might have left, let alone restoring what we've lost. And while I don't carry the same caricature of "terrorist" in my head as is painted in the mass media, I do have to question the morality of anyone talking of using the threat of violence to effect desired outcomes through the existing political process.

We no longer have any way out of the global civilization collapse, even if more than a third of Americans survive, it won't be the middle 40%. They're doing nothing at all to prepare, and while that may strike us as morally superior to what the anti-liberty population is doing, it won't give them any better odds of survival. This is a war, and while the elite are hesitant to commit to full military engagement while they cannot confidently predict victory, they haven't exactly arranged an off-ramp for actually avoiding disaster.

If we were still operating under the presumption of politics, then an avowedly peaceful protest on Federal property should be judged on its merits as a peaceful protest. If we're going to judge it as a military operation, then we cannot consider the effect on the existing political process without being terrorists. How long halt ye between two opinions? If the government is still legitimate, stop resisting! If it is not, stop worrying about politics!

For myself, I encourage everyone to recognize that the government is hopelessly illegitimate and prepare for the worst. Because what's actually coming is so much worse than anyone seems ready to imagine.

And deferring it isn't making it any better.

Anonymous said...

Chiu ChunLing knows that of which he speaks:

"For myself, I encourage everyone to recognize that the government is hopelessly illegitimate and prepare for the worst. Because what's actually coming is so much worse than anyone seems ready to imagine."

Agreed. Also agreed that we will not vote our way out of this---at least in the traditional sense. However, such thought keeps triggering (pun intended)a troubling question: Has the One Hundred Heads Life Insurance Co. closed shop?

I've heard the One-Hundred-Heads story; I've embraced the concept; and I've even purchased one of their hats. What I haven't heard is any reaction to the recent, ambush killing in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Neal Jensen

If you posted from anything connected to Faceplant, that is the source of your troubles. If not, it's personal.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Well, the rule of paying out hundred heads life insurance is that you don't take credit for anything you might have done...nor do you stick around and try to confirm kills. I have to admit, I feel disappointed with how little effect my own efforts seem to be having on the larger pattern of tyranny. All we can do is try harder and not worry about keeping score.

After all, where we're going it won't even make sense to keep count.

Anonymous said...

Ive never had any kind of social media page, only disqus account. Its one thing to comment openly, another kind of sheer idiocy to put all your business out there plus a connection to everything you are about to, telegraph your actions and essentially being an open miuthpiece into big brothers ear. So to clear that up, i have no webpages no facefuckbook or mystupidspace pages nor do i post using my email address although Snoogle already exploits that weakness.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen.