Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The evil wizard of Oz has no regrets. A cautionary tale.

Former prime minister John Howard cites the introduction of gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre as one of the defining achievements of his time in office. Nearly 20 years on he reflects on that time.


Dakota said...

So this horses ass wants to explain how he disarmed his country and then imported a bunch of nutty muslims who hate his countrymen. Therefore putting them all in danger of being murdered, their children raped, and their goats gang banged. Like as if I give a shit about his reasons, conscience tugs, or anything else about this tyrant bastard and traitor to his own people. He should be hung from the nearest large Oak tree and allowed to rot until his bones fall to Earth.

That guy may be holding an SP1, but I see mostly daddys shotguns and deer rifles in there. Need to run that picture off and show it to some liberal ass the next time he wants to talk about they only want those mean military style guns.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that sweet - him saying "The British gave them their independence" an whoopdy-do they "voted" on their constitution. Oh how democratic! The problem is - our Founders hated democracy because they knew it was nothing more than mob rule. How many of those sheep that voted have read people like John Locke or understood the reasoning behind the Brits own Magna Carta. Few I imagine. So they went the "one idiot, one vote" route and castrated an entire continent...And to think I once imagined the Aussies to be a robust people with balls. Jeez, what a bunch of eunuchs..

Sean said...

For those who have fought for it, life has a flavor the protected never know.

harp1034 said...

An unrepentant fascist. He really believes his only propaganda. That gun control bill was just sitting in file cabinet waiting for the right time to use it. Nevertheless they didn't get them all. Some good old boys in the outback just put theirs away for a while. No paper trail.
Learn a lesson America. Our enemies want all of our guns.

Nemesis said...

To Anonymous at 4:41 AM. One should never judge a whole people because of their stupid politicians.

To harp1034. Howard was supposedly a 'conservative' but did more to undermine Australian freedoms than any prime minister before him. And as you say, there are a lot of those weapons they tried to grab that lay buried in many back yards just waiting......

To all who may be interested. The Port Arthur Massacre 1996 in Tasmania was used as the catalyst for the feds gun buyback scheme that reaped in mostly single shot rifles and old side arms that many were hoodwinked into handing in. But many, many more never left their owners hands.

I have read all the transcripts of interview of the so called mass murderer Martin BRYANT and made myself familiar with the actions leading up to and including the massacre itself. I can tell you from my own military and police experience that murderous rampage was not done by the person now in prison for it, and who was convicted at court In Absensia because he was deemed as unfit to stand trial.

If ever there was such a thing as a false flag event, this massacre has ALL the hallmarks of being one!