Monday, October 5, 2015

Unintended Consequences. Just keep running your mouth, Barack.

“Once the public hears the president on the news say we need more gun controls, it tends to drive sales,” said Mr Hyatt, who owns one of the largest gun retailers in the US. “People think, if I don’t get a gun now, it might be difficult to get one in the future. The store is crowded.”


Anonymous said...

Having owned a gun shop for a number of years, one gets to know the weak days and the strong days. The day after the bone head in the white house opened his mouth our sales double a strong day.

Anonymous said...

The obummer economic stimulus plan at work. More guns equal more metals,plastic and wood needed. Jobs for those people and then there is the transport of material and finished product as well as the sales people. Those people then spend their paychecks on other goods and services creating more jobs! BRILLIANT!!! sarc. But I really do wonder how many jobs have been created by this larger than normal gun demand, if there really is a larger than normal demand and it's not just a media lie. How much money is the gun demand pumping into our economy. I know a person who has not bought any guns since 2007. He said the prices are too high. He has even sold some of his surplus at a profit and he only buys ammo if he can get a good deal because he says he was already sitting on surplus.