Friday, October 9, 2015

The stories about the "refugees" the western press refuses to cover.

Whistleblower doctor explains HORRIFIC reality dealing with Muslim invaders in Germany


Anonymous said...

This is what RI Senator John Reed , RI Senator Sheldon Whitehouse , RI Representative David Cicilline , RI Representative James Langevin want to send to our state using our tax dollars.

I'm sure others can add to these from other states.

Anonymous said...

The No.1 mistake Americans make dealing with people from foreign lands and diverse cultures has always been and continues to be:

They're not Americans with a funny accent.

An acquaintance in high school kept a pet rattlesnake. He once said that the key to the relationship with his pet snake was to always and without fail remember that his pet was a rattlesnake. Expecting it to act like a cat or a dog would lead to bad things that would be his fault, not the snake's.

You've read the story about the Palestinian who raped and murdered his daughter because he doubted her virginity? She was 5 years old.

How about the guy who murdered his daughter then threw her down the village well because she had, in his view, brought shame on the family. He got in trouble with the village for messing up the well.

And then there's Lara Logan's little "adventure" in Tahrir square. Sexually assaulted by the crowd to the point of needing hospitalization to repair her injuries.

Like I said. They're not Americans with a funny accent. We forget that at our peril.

Don't snuggle up with your pet rattlesnake!

Sean said...

No invaders, not now, not ever!

Arlie Austin said...

The empty suit in the White House is bringing thousands of them here, these are not families, these are 90% military age men, what they are going to bring here are essentially Terrorist!