Monday, October 5, 2015

Now that's just funny right there. Some collectivist harridan named (I kid you not) Stasi proposes that the NRA be put on the list of terrorist organizations. Stasi? Seems appropriate, don't you think?

The Stasi, for those of you not old enough to remember, were the East German secret police equivalent of the Gestapo.
"NRA should be placed on State Department's list of terrorist organizations."


prambo said...

Saw this too, and was greatly amused by the last name, not the content.

Maybe this will get the NRA more into the real mix, rather than an at times apologist.

Anonymous said...

Must be an omen...

Anonymous said...

"The Stasi, for those of you not old enough to remember, were the USA secret police equivalent of the DHS, NSA, TSA, FBI, BATFEces (did I leave anyone out?)."

There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

B Woodman

Uncle Elmo said...

9:45 PSDT- Rush just referred to this article, and pointed out that Linda Stasi's New York Daily News is in deep financial doo-doo. It's was recently put up for sale, but when the high bid received was $1, the owners decided not to sell.

Josh said...

The fedz actually hired Marcus Wolf, head of stasi, and Evgeny Primakov of the kgb to teach them their ways. Their ways included actually knowing how many socks were in your drawer and how they were folded, in the case of the Germanically efficient Stasi.

But yeah I think we can expect the nra to fold under a real threat to the constitution like martial law.

Anonymous said...

NRA terrorist? Useless bastards couldn't terrorise a ham sammich

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stasi should be placed on someone's list as well. The naughty list. (or target list - whatever)

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Holey Smokers Cisco!!! as Poncho usedta' say!!! It can't be!!! I went to school and even "Dated" (In Junior High School) a local girl named "Linda Stasi!!" Her family were local business people and I knew her from the first grade thu high school!! "FORTUNATELY" not the same Linda!!! I had quite a start for a minute though!!
I'll have to call her up and see how she's doing!!
Blue skies!!
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!<
PS. workin on the next batch of Brass, will use a "Medium" box next time!! Maybe the boyz at the post orfice won't be so rambunxious this time!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58pm - She already is..and with a name like that, so easy to remember, it wasn't even necessary to write it down. NYDN calls itself "New York's Picture Newspaper" for a reason - most of it's "readers" can't read..

Anonymous said...

I can think of another organization actually responsible for far more "civilian deaths." How about the NRA gets into the business of ripping viable babies limb from limb and then selling the parts? Then they'd qualiffy for half a billion in federal subsidies.

Anonymous said...

It is the NRA whipping boy factor at work.

Attack the NRA, claim to be an ultra lefty, and get the right to "defend" the NRA.
This is a progressive propaganda move to increase waning support for an organization that gun owners are finally recognizing spends its time figuring out not only how to negotiate rights away but also how to keep the gun control drama going into the forseeable future.

Don't take the bait. Let the NRA rot on the vine as the rotten fruit it is.
Defend your own rights by exercising them dutifully.

I Will Not Comply. Period. Learn it, adopt it, live it. Doing so proves there is no need for the NRA or wasting money on it's pathetic backstabbing of all gunowners.

michael said...

I think they got it backwards. The State Dept should be listed on the terrorist list.