Friday, October 16, 2015

No more free Wacos. "We're all threats to them." If you're anti-liberty, anti-constitutional jack booted federal secret policemen, I can see why they view the rest of us as enemies.

Judy Thomas interviewed me the other day on the SPLC's takeover of the command deck of Main Justice. "Justice Department acknowledges threat from domestic terrorists, creates new office." I also forwarded her a copy of own reaction piece: Southern Preposterous Lie Center's complete penetration of the highest levels of "Justice" Department policy. Resurrecting the DTEC Frankenstein. This was the result:
The creation of the new office infuriated some groups that the government labels “anti-government.”
“We’re all threats to them,” said Mike Vanderboegh, former leader of the 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment Constitutional Militia and a longtime figure in the Patriot movement. “I’ve fought white supremacists and neo-Nazis all my life. But they lump veterans and constitutionalists in with all the others.
“This is very scary stuff. To say that militias, for example, are a worse threat than ISIS? All the militia says is they’re Second Amendment activists and they won’t be rolled back any further from their Second Amendment rights.”
Actually I said, as you can imagine, a lot more than that, but it is impossible to know what the KCS editor removed from her story. My main point was that believing, actually believing and internalizing, the lies and conflations of SPLC by the armed paramilitary secret political police of DOJ and DHS were going to get people killed in a new Waco and touch off another civil war.


al said...

"... touch off another civil war"

Defending the US Constitution and American citizens, denizens is not "creating" a civil war. What we are doing is DEFENDING our legitimate governments - state and general - from the Domestic Enemies and Traitors working from within the governments. WE are going to remove them, replace them, arrest, and charge, then prosecute them for any and all crimes committed and it matters not what part of the governments they occupy/ied.

100% agree with the rest.

Wrench said...

Thought that was DHS's job? The Rothschild bankers cannot have insurrection among the masses. We are flies and thet are the flyswatter, however, there just may be a few wasps in the mix...

Anonymous said...

How does being pro constitution mean being pro liberty ? Seems to me that the constitution is nothing more than a service contract, and it gives a small group of people the false "authority" to steal whatever property they want from the masses whenever they feel while using a monopoly on the use of force to extract that property. Also, don't forget the whole thing about killing us for "treason." The constitution is no friend of liberty, and the sooner we start telling the truth, and stop pushing the statist worship lie, the sooner we might see liberty in this world !

Chiu ChunLing said...

One can be against over-dependence on medical interventionism while still recognizing that there is a difference between a competent, skilled, and experienced surgeon and a crazed serial killer.

The Constitution, where and whenever it has been seriously applied, has helped the cause of freedom far more than anyone who decries its implication of centralized authority, apparently without the benefit of ever having read it. As true as it may be that tyrants (both foreign and domestic) have often appealed to the Constitution for justification, all this proves is that they are liars and fools, which we might have guessed.

Anonymous said...

The government might be legitimate, for those who have consented to it. For all the individuals that never contracted or consented, there is nothing legitimate about it. Just another statist religion to worship...or else ! Home of the free is a bunch of non-sense. No one is free here, and the very small group of masters that are free, certainly are trespassing against the rest of us. At least those of us that have not consented and are not afraid to call it what it is ! Anybody who follows the orders of the government masters, is the enemy. The order followers are even more to blame than the corrupt politician puppets. I sure would like to see Biden or trump come to my home to take my property from me. They don't do that. They just indoctrinate a large army of police, agents, etc.. to do it for them. Remember, the Nazi's never broke any of their own laws. Just because you say it's government, and it's law, that does not mean that is is kidnapping, theft, assault or murder. We are always complaining about the government, yet we salute the order followers or justify it with they are just doing their job. Non sense. They are evil, and I don't care what their intentions are. Evil is evil, and threatening my family under threat of kidnapping or theft for my property is not liberty.

Your going to replace the traitors working for the government ? Everyone enforcing the governments royal edicts is the enemy. It's a tough pill to swallow, but I have found it to be my truth, others have as well !

Mark Passio tells a police officer (cult member) how it really is

Mark Passio - The Cult of Ultimate Evil - Order Followers

Sedition said...

These traitors are someone's neighbor.
Their addresses, names, car make and model, tag numbers and phone numbers should be published online far and wide.
If they want to paint us as big, bad bears, then we should show them Kodiaks.
If they want to manufacture a boogie-man...something to be feared, then let's give them something to fear.
If they want to wake up the demon, then send them to hell.

Anonymous said...

Our original constitution did not allow authority to "steal whatever property they want".
Anarchists often play this pile of bullshit, as if any rules, any governance whatsoever, is an affront to Liberty.

Anarchy is not Liberty. It is the total absence of any kind of protection for it.
Knock it off.

Any society has to have rules in common by which to live, in harmony. There can NEVER be harmony with anarchy. There cannot be civilization much less society with anarchy. That means government of some kind is required. With government required, some kind of funding is required. Our Framers toiled relentlessly to put together a serious document, two in fact, that were the best of the best.

I despise children who watch a youtube video and think they have it all figured out.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, The HARMONY. Wouldn't the word parasitic be more accurate ? On one side we have the masters, the government. In the middle we have the overseers, the order followers. Being preyed upon we have the individual, slave.

Government is SLAVERY.

Anarchy is no GOVERNMENT.

Seems rather logical that liberty might be more present in one than the other ?

Here is my bottom line. I am kind of allowed to protect myself from a bad guy trying to harm me or my family. If this individual works for the government, then I am not allowed to protect myself or my family. I would prefer to take my chances in life without the false "protection" of the government and it's order followers. Be honest, it's not like the police actually prevent someone from raping you, or mugging you. They show up after the fact and make things worse. I would prefer to be able to defend myself from the initiation of violence, even if it comes from an individual wearing a fancy hat or badge.

If we had real liberty, then those that want to give up property in exchange for someone making you feel all warm and snugly, then in real liberty, you could. Individuals could consent or not consent to such arraignments. But just because a group of people want to make a contract with someone, does not contract me or my family into that system. The government is evil. All governments are slavery.

I despise jingo clowns that hide behind the slave document, because they are too scared to live a truly self sufficient life. They preach of liberty and freedom, but it is hollow. Liberty needs no contract, liberty needs individuals without fear.

I would encourage everyone who might happen across this post to watch this 8 minute video.

The Philosophy of Liberty (HD with voiceover)

Anonymous said...

Our daily PSYOP from a treasonous, tyrannical and malicious administration, their cronies, the media, etc. I take it as a sign of weakness. It appears that desperation, disunion and fear are fomenting in both of these corrupt, dysfunctional and subversive political parties. Could this be a harbinger of collapse and abject rejection of both?
Seams as though Chairman ObaMao, his administration and the political class, are stepping up the pace of these inane, subtle threats as ObaMao's days in office dwindle.
Following ObaMao's lead, democRat governors are issuing executive orders at an alarming rate. Completely bypassing the legislative process. I call it "Ex Post Facto" governance. What was perfectly legal yesterday is illegal today, by imperial fiat or decree. I wonder how long they think they can keep it up before the inevitable backlash starts?
Is it desperation, is it all planned? Who knows?
Both parties appear to be caught off guard, even shocked, as their chosen stalking ponies are revealed to be thoroughly incompetent, total frauds or just worthless career criminals and traitors. They're being exposed and rejected early on, happily, I see signs of impending implosion for both.
Hillary's coronation gets shat upon every day in a thunderstorm of self inflicted fecal rain. ObaMao desperately wants someone who will protect his pathetic, nonexistent legacy, and more importantly, keep him out of prison or issue a pardon. The usual republican RINO frauds can't even poll at double digits.
They're panicking folks... Keep your powder dry.

Jim Klein said...

"There can NEVER be harmony with anarchy."

Speak for yourself, please. Of course you only can, but it would be nice for you to recognize it. If you can't live with others in harmony--and even mutual benefit--without being coerced in your actions, then that's your problem and nobody else's. All the rest of us can do, is note it. Okay, noted.

Meanwhile, "No more free Wacos." Y'know Mike, that phrase means an awful lot to a ton of people, especially those of us who watched the incineration.

The simple fact is that there HAS been "another free Waco" with the biker massacre, at least as it stands now. I'm not saying what, if anything, should be done, and I'm as responsible for inaction as the next guy, but I do think it's preposterous to have that sort of battlecry when it's demonstrably me it doesn't sound conducive to victory at all.

This is about WINNING, isn't it? Seems to me that provably false threats can't possibly help. Is that wrong IYO?