Monday, October 12, 2015

Just in case you were wondering: Paul Ryan is merely another Chamber of Commerce puppet.

NumbersUSA President: Paul Ryan ‘Terrifying,’ ‘Open Borders Seeps Out of Every Pore Of His Being’
See also: More Republicans Join Speakership Race as Paul Ryan’s Nascent Campaign Falls Apart on the Runway

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Anonymous said...

Abraham Lincoln would never get elected today. The man was too damn ugly. And despite Rush's view that politics is show business for the ugly, there are limits to everything.

That's how photography changed the world of politics forever.

Harry Truman would never get elected today. The man couldn't even read a speech without sounding like an impersonation of a cigar store Indian.

That's how sound recording changed the world of politics forever.

Mark Twain's line about "a lie travels around the world before the truth can get its boots on" dates from before the internet. There is no monopoly on the news anymore. Post something on twitter and people 12 time zones away are laughing at your foolishness before your spin doctors can even come up with a plausible "walk back" about what you really were trying to say.

And that's only one example of how the data transport revolution has changed the world of politics forever. The various chamber of commerce's, the Karl Roves, the George Soroses and Koch brothers of the world have not and may not everyfigure it out much less adjust to the new reality. But life has always been unkind to the "old ways" of doing things.