Sunday, October 4, 2015

Go for it, man-child.

Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints at Confiscation


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Reminds me of a tune I keep humming now, for the last few years!! "When Johnny comes marching home again....Haroo,....haroo!!" My old college friend Demaris Bullock usedta' play Guitar and sing the song at the old Bowling alley Bar whenever we would gather there!! Most poignant then and more so today!!! Then all we had on the forefront was Viet Nam boiling up, now that is history........Today there is new history being made that makes me long for the simple (compared to today) problems we had then... Then I could deal with it,, I "hobble a lot," know what I mean?? That's OK, although I have ta' wear glasses to see good, I can still shoot straight!!!!
Got Gunz........OUTLAW!!!!,

Anonymous said...

We're ready! Please, liberals. Give us a reason! Go ahead and fire that first shot and start the great "confiscation war". We're just itching to get this gargantuan 'reset' over and done with!

Bad Cyborg said...

I remember reading somewhere recently that the actual compliance with the Aussie mandatory gun turn in was at best 20%. Don't know about you folks but I kinda like them odds. I have no problem envisioning 20% of gun owners meekly disarming themselves. That would merely winnow the weak sob-sisters out of the group. You got to figure the remaining 80% would pretty well qualify as hard-core. We have enough trained, experienced, combat tested ex-GIs to out number the pointy end of the spear by a factor of 30 or more. And that doesn't count the rest of us. I really don't expect the next revolution to have a mere 3% fighting the government.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's possible to
oppose bathhouse barry and his lackey
on this.
This morning on CNN's 'State of the Union'
program, Jake Tapper claimed that the
numerous direct eyewitness statements and
accounts, of the gunman deliberately killing Christan's,
are anecdotal.
It is impossible to defeat anyone supported by CNN
and the mainstream media.

The previous statement was purely sarcastic.
However, Jake Tapper's statement is not.
He really did say that shit this morning.

Past 8541 & B-4 both said...

Go ahead and lite that fuse, I want to see what happens to those who try to enforce that, let alone those who think they are untouchable.

MikeH. said...

I WILL NOT be disarmed as long as I breath and remain mobile.

A Highly Passed Off Geriatric Threeper

Capitalist Eric said...

Ok, I admit I'm tired of this shit. Why doesn't Dear Leader just finish the foreplay, declare martial law and start the show, so we can get this over with?

If we're gonna' dance, let's do it now while I'm not too old, so my kids can have a chance at a normal life.

I confess, every time I see that gobsheit open his fat mouth, I just want to backhand him.

Anonymous said...

Seems Eric is seeking a visit from the Secret Service. A comment such as that got a UFC fighter a visit some time ago.
Yeah, I am with you, I'd like to bitch slap his lying mouth too.

The saddest thing is that there isn't one Republican among the hundreds in office that would call a press conference and call that lying loudmouth out flatly. Dude, you had the presidency, the majority in the house and 60 votes in the senate too - you could have set literally any gun policy, in law, that you and your democrat party dream of. There was absolutely zero that anyone could have done to stop you, so it is time you answer for why you didn't....and why you call for it now while knowing it ain't gonna happen. What's a matta homeboy? Afraid of being flayed wide open the same way that Feinstein was? Uh huh, thought so.

There will be no bills, no debates, no nothing and the next time a muzzle slays him some Infedels or a urban feral commits yet another mindless atrocity against a mirror image of himself nothing like what you wa t will happen either. Why? Because government isn't empowered to do what you call for - and you know it. So the question becomes then, mr umm "president".....why do you come out to the podium and bear face lie to everyone while you know full well you are lying to everyone?

Tell me, what defender of the republic has the courage to say out loud what I just said - besides me that is!

Anonymous said...

We shall reply in kind, 100 fold!

As You have Infiltrated US , We have Infiltrated You
We To... are in the Military, LE, Intelligence Cult, Gov't, First Responders, Medical, Finance, Engineering, Manufacture, Technology, Science, Physics, 911, Academics, Construction, Power Companies, Communication Companies... etc etc etc etc.
If you are there, We are there!!!

The "Predators of Society", those BOTH Of US detest, are Hoping for this National Suicide.
For in the coming National Self Destruction, they will Roam Freely, Feeding, Growing, Enpowering themselves.
Raping, Murdering, Extorting, GROWING.
For Power and for FUN(No?-off the hat remember the Connetticut House wife and Daughters, raped, Murdered and Incinerated?!)

How many Animals will Escape/be let loose/or broken out from Prisons?
Civil....Striffe seems to do that....can you say Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan etc etc

They will not feed on US, we aren't easy prey. But Feed in Mass & Enslave they shall....The...
Unprepared, Unarmed, the Innocent!
This is the "Law of (There) Unintended Consequences."

What comes.... is going to make all that is before us, a childs game of Cowboys & Indians, Soldier and Enemy, Cops and Robbers...
Except, hundreds of thousands, perhaps Millions..Won't oly oly income free!!!

Obama & his minions have not thought out there Ideas/Plans/there Traitorous Whims.
Obama & his minions have No Idea the Madness they are about to/want to unleash.
Obama & his minions believe They can Control.... Anarchy, Insanity and Chaos. I suppose with Drones. Thats working out well as we speak
There Current, Global State of Affairs says Otherwise!!!

It's Body Politic, DNC and the Rino...
"We can't round up 10-20 Millions Illegal Aliens....." there's just to many!! It's not Realistic!!"
But 100-300 Millions Do able. ?????? Really??
So "Literally" swimming in Blood to shop is what they want, driving by piles of dead bodies in the streets are there idea of the future.
Not just for themselves but for This Nation.

TRUELY....they are INSANE!!

These AH's have "NO CLUE" of "Hell on Earth" they are about to Unleash!!
Once fhe United States Falls...our "Allies" will find....
We have NO MORE to GIVE THEM!!
No Bombs, Bullets, Money, Training, Surplus Goodies etc etc etc a Bitch!

God Help US ALL

Anonymous said...

I hope he does "tee it up" soon. I am so tired of this BS. Thankfully, the antis have sufficiently outed themselves as to make a target deck of sufficient high pay-off targets once it kicks off.

Josh said...

I just heard some recent noise about a particular US branch recent recruits being asked if they were willing to go door to door and confiscate guns from citizens. The one who said no was told he'd be discharged honorably. Could be made up, could be orders from the cic.