Thursday, October 8, 2015

Desperate to avoid questions under oath about Fast and Furious: "White House to demote ATF chief — to keep him on the job.".

The move is aimed at avoiding a confirmation battle at the scandal-plagued agency blamed for the 'Fast and Furious' gun-running operation.


PO'd American said...

He did an outstanding job at fact, he was out standing and watching the guns disappear across the border.

Anonymous said...

With the Speaker battle waging now, and a budget battle looming- including a debt ceiling problem- I submit that a Patriot, just one of 435, should stand up and say that absolutely no budget vote will pass that includes any money for the corrupt organization called the BATFE. Further, that no speaker will get any votes until and unless two very important PRIORITIES are written in stone.

Truth about fast and furious - all of it
Truth about Benghazi - all of it.

No? The uniparty elites want to keep secrets ? So be it, then the rest don't for a speaker or appropriations.
Time to play hardball !!!!