Saturday, October 3, 2015

Attack of the Faux "Conservative" Pinheads. David Codrea: Umpqua Killer Claim and O’Reilly Comments Mislead Public Perceptions.

Bill O'Reilly, unprincipled pinhead.
Perhaps those who live insulated lives within O’Reilly’s elite circle, and who don’t even realize how provincial their “enlightened” perspective is, might agree with him. But everyone I consider reasonable would say “Hell no” to either proposal, followed by “Your move.”


Uncle Elmo said...

Bill O'Reilly- Anchorman for Octogenarians.

Anonymous said...

One word for O'Reilly: "falaffal". The guy is a fake, a fraud and a phony. O'Reilly is a liar. He pretends to be a morally superior conservative. At best he is an establishment moderate. He DID have sex with that woman and in his arrogance thought he could get away with it. Now he simply refuses to speak of it. Scumbag and liar. Why listen to anything he has to say? Haven't watched his phony FAUX NEWS show in years.

Anonymous said...

Bill O Reilly has always been a clueless fraud. He is a neo-con talking puppet for the Murdoch regime, the same media regime that used its influence to disarm Australian and British citizens. No one who views themselves as pro gun or conservative should give Fox news any ratings or attention.

Regardless of one’s opinion of trump, he showed the inherent controlled bias toward the ruling regime of DC that fox shares with the rest of the media with that Megyn Kelly attempted takedown. Make no mistake, outside of Judge Nap, there are no true supporters of the 2nd Amendment on that channel. The brief bits I noticed today were equally ignorant and terrible – anchors all seem to think that guns require permits and registration all over the nation just to own.

Outstanding work as always, Codrea.

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly is a pinhead, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly IS a pin head. He lives or dies on viewership. A three ring circus. He and Carson don't get it. Carson thinks where you live, (rural or urban), determines your gun rights. "Watching out for the folks"? Circus clowns cannot watch out for anybody.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering when people figure out that Trump is just a clueless about the Second Amendment as is orielly! Folks are all too willing to champion those folks who SAY they are all about gun rights.....until they have to address actual specifics. That is where the frauds are exposed. Where orielly is busted is when he touts permissions mamdates and bans as something other than infringements.
Trump has the same problem - government allowed permissions.

WRONG ANSWER, fellas, the both of you!!