Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another advocate of civil war croaks his chorus.

"We need to consider repealing Second Amendment in face of tragedies."
My reply:
Apparently you have not heard of the ironclad Law of Unintended Consequences. Provoking a bloody civil war seems an odd way to prevent "gun violence," for to get what you want will require the deaths of millions of your "bitter clinger" fellow citizens. How many of us are you willing to see dead in the pursuit of your "benevolent" proposal? Go ahead and revoke the Second Amendment and you'll find out why the Founders insisted upon it (although you will not like the result, for it will upset your entire collectivist apple cart). Go ahead, do it and quit boring the rest of us with your idle tyrannical threats. I may not survive the opening blows, but at least my children will get to march in the victory parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. We might even finally get to the truth about Fast and Furious when our side takes over the bullet-pockmarked, paper strewn hallways of the Justice Department and delves into the files left behind by the would-be tyrants. The honesty of the war crimes trials that follow such a fratricide will at least be refreshing.
Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson AL


Anonymous said...

Tennessee Lt. Gov. to Christians: Buy Guns

MamaLiberty said...

"...when our side takes over."

That doesn't sound like a plan for liberty. Sounds just like the old African saying, "meet the new boss, same as old boss."

When some people are given power over other people, without their consent, tyranny is the inevitable result.

Or did your "side" plan on an opt out for those of us who don't want any "side" to be in control of our lives?

I own my life and my body... and I am the only one responsible for those. I do not consent to be ruled by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Nice reply Mike..Shame he'll be hiding under his bed covers if the ball really started rolling

Anonymous said...

Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense? Patrick Henry

Anonymous said...

Where to begin? The writer of this letter is so abjectly stupid, it defies explanation. Either that or he is evil. If he is so evil that he believes innocent law abiding American citizens should be disarmed and left to the mercy of "authorities" who do carry firearms, then this evil piece of shit should be hanged. If he is so stupid as to belive the bilge he spews, then he is a danger to himself, those around him and society in general and should be euthanized immediately. In either case, people like this are anathema to a free society and American culture. He is the enemy and needs to be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Noting like putting into writing that your hate America like this guy did.

Unknown said...

My comment over there:
Rights are not dependent on a scrawed line on a piece of paper. My right to self defense exists whether or not the Constitution recognizes that right.
As for you, Joseph J. Ellis, go ahead and lobby for what you want. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Repeal of the 2nd Amendment would kick off a new civil war instantly, and your happy ass is not safely o ut of the line of fire. Clinton rules are in effect. Supporters of policies are fair game, and you just outed yourself big time.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
This Greg Caucutt liberal freak lives in a fish bowl!! Trouble is, people like him are a dime a dozen!!! As Fred Blassie would say,"I'm lookin for the guy supplyin' the dimes!!!!!"
God, Gunz and Gutz keep America Free!!!!,
"So Far!!!"

LordSega said...

Also remind them (the repeal 2A antis) that even if they are able via Article V to change or repeal the 2nd ammendment (good luck with that) that it doesn't take the right to arms / self-defense away, it would only take away the prohibition on the government to infringe.
The Feds would still have to pass laws to rule / regulate arms after the removal of 2A.
Then you would have to deal with the States, most of which have equally strong or stronger 2A rights in their State Constitutions, so again you would have to repeal each State's 2A version.
Then, like the Feds, you would also have to pass laws to rule / regulate arms.
A long, next to impossible (on pourpose) process.

On top of that, looking to NYC and Conneticut (register or turn-in laws), you can bet on 80-90% will not comply.

Anonymous said...

"They also never envisioned the use of these firearms to slaughter innocent citizens either individually or via our all too familiar mass shootings."

Horsehockey. Indian villages had been wiped out, White settlements had been wiped out.

Just another LIARberal.

IndianaPatriot1958 said...

Joseph J. Ellis is nothing more than a member of the tyrannical machine at work. he's a mouthpiece, a shill. The present situation in our Republic requires correction. And, sad to say, it's coming. All the traitors are proudly coming out of the shadows. Fine. They will be easier to deal with once we know who they are. May God bless our republic and those brave patriots still here. Have faith, we outnumber them and they don't realize it yet.