Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Wisconsin’s Shame: the Left Attempts to Discredit a John Doe Victim, but New Audiotape Tells Different Story."

Earlier this year National Review exposed the sordid tale of Wisconsin’s “John Doe” investigations, in which partisan prosecutors launched expansive — and unconstitutional — campaigns of harassment against Badger State conservatives. The worst of this harassment included a series of dawn and pre-dawn raids, executed by police officers armed to the teeth and equipped with battering rams, pounding on doors and terrifying conservative families. The officers turned those conservatives’ homes “upside down,” in a search for something, anything that could be used to discredit, defeat, and even imprison Republican governor Scott Walker and his allies.


Anonymous said...

If that article doesn't show how law enforcement has deteriorated to Gestapo or NKVD harassment I don't know what does.

Anonymous said...

I would expect nothing less from the trash in that state, and surprised it's not everywhere. Only until that kind start disappearing, will tactics like this stop. Everyone involved or who allowed this to happen needs to touched one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

And the perpetrators (both order-givers and order enforcers) of this travesty of justice aren't in jail because. . . . . ?
I'm sure that many, if not most of the names AND ADDRESSES involved in this CAN BE EASILY FOUND OUT.
Time to start bustin' some windows and popping some car tires (etc).

B Woodman