Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who will rub our noses in our own depravity and complicity?

"'We didn't know.' This was what the German civilian population would say over and over again about the concentration camps in the coming months. The American army was determined that the ordinary German people should see the depths of depravity to which their Nazis leaders had sunk."
German civilians from Weimar forced to tour Buchenwald Camp, 1945.
By the end of the war, in addition to the tens of millions of battle deaths of combatants, the Nazis murdered something like 11 million civilians, mostly Jews, and Russian POWs in their concentration and extermination camps. As we discovered these in April, 1945 (and my Uncle Bill was one of the soldiers who did so), we rounded up German civilians from nearby towns and forced them to look at and, sometimes, to help clean up the bodies in the camps. We wanted to rub their noses in the indisputable fact of their complicity in genocide. It took us two days, for example, to parade the entire adult population of nearby Weimar through the Buchenwald camp.
That was then. This is now.
Baby parts in a tray, for sale.
One by one since Roe v. Wade it is conservatively estimated that we have allowed the murder of 55 million innocents -- five times the Nazi body count for the Holocaust. Planned Parenthood, more properly referred to as Planned Butcherhood nowadays, was founded by racist eugenicists like Margaret Sanger, who provided part of the intellectual justification for Hitler's "Final Solution." Who, I wonder will rub our noses in our own depravity and complicity? Like the Germans, we want desperately to look away, to continue living in an artificial construct of plausible deniability of our own complicity. We don't live downwind from stinking open air camps. Our holocaust is clean, antiseptic and done in private (albeit with the support of our tax dollars) so that we never are forced to face the ghastly reality. So who, in the fullness of time, will rub our noses in it? God, I reckon, and it won't go as easy for us as the Germans had it. An article at The Federalist is headlined: "Pro-Lifers Are Today’s Abolitionists."
Perhaps. But I wonder how, when I finally face God, will I be able to justify how little I really did to stop this holocaust of the most innocent?


Anonymous said...

Mike, you speak and write to council others regarding the depravity of abortion. You exercise your rights without infringing and abridging theirs. Like all other murder, one cannot stop another from committing the act - only the would be killer can decide not to commit the act. Now amount of "making it illegal" can or will be enough. That isn't the right way and it only leads to the usurping of the liberty banner....allowing the killers, the butchers, a defense they do not deserve to fly.

Abortion is wrong, morally, no doubt about it. Consider though the ramifications of empowering government to reach inside our skin and decide for us what will happen within. We may have lost 55 million souls to butchery but we will all have our souls stolen if we allow government the power it seeks by funding this butchery.

The first step is to show those pictures - like you have done here- and tell the truth about what is taking place. That will itself lead to the end of taxpayer subsidy of this evil. That will in turn lead to a abortion industry that must marke its wares in the free market way - and then it will succumb to all evil business that is subjected to that parameter. The abortion industry cannot stand on its own "business model" when people tell and show the TRUTH about its evil.

Do not be tricked by the devil here Mike! Do not be conned off your principles by self doubt. Do not be a rights usurper trying to a good deed. You do more than many Mike, trying to convince others to LOOK at what abortion REALLY is - so for you to wonder if you have done enough is a nonstarter. Keep telling the truth and your Maker will THANK you for having the courage to do so (alongside having the courage to resist the temptation of becoming that which you claim to oppose - rights usurpers!)

WarriorClass III said...

Excellent post, Mike. And yes, it is a very scary thought to be in the hands of an ANGRY God.

"And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" Proverbs 9:10

"Even the demons believe--and tremble!" James 2:19

Even the demons have more sense than most of Christendom today; they have sense enough to tremble.

It's time to tremble, folks.
And repent.

MissAnthropy said...

Well lots of people in the blogosphere keep saying we share in the guilt because we permit the slaughter, but none of them will suggest what it would actually mean to deny our tacit permission. What would that look like, this denial of our permission?

Jimmy the Saint said...

At least the Nazis had the good sense to hide the really nasty stuff in Poland.

Anonymous said...

Leave the Innocent be...There are Plenty of Guilty Genocidal Maniacs to chase

The 4th Reich, Live and In Color.
Unstoppable and Flaunting
Living in No Fear
Living to rub your nose in there Genocidal Rampage
Living because we allow it
Killing because no one will stop it
Reveling in Money made on Dead Babies
Supported by Taxpayer Dollars
There Minions laughing, cause no one will fight
Drinking Blood like some bad horror film vampire
All the way to the bank
And knowing...
They can't be stopped

Cowardice-Cowardice is a trait wherein fear and excess self-concern override doing or saying what is right, good and of help to others or oneself in a time of need—it is the opposite of courage. As a label, "cowardice" indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Alright, if abortion is murder, it must be a lesser form of murder. Allow me to explain. If an axe murder starts going door to door and proceeds to hack off the limbs of every young child he comes into contact with, adults would not hesitate to stop him through any means necessary. This axe murder would eventually get his head blown off before another armless and soon to go into shock kid runs screaming to his parents.

Why then is it so that we instincitly think it is wrong when some radical christian not even kills abortion providers, but damages and destroys abortion factory property... something that actually happens exceptionally rarely. Why is it that probbaly 99.9999% of all christians in this country continue to pay federal taxes despite that fact that a very small percentage of those taxes go to Planned Parenthood? In my opinion, anyone that calls themselves a true God fearing christian, should utterly refuse to pay any federal taxes if there is even the smallest possibility that some of that tax money goes to PP. Even if it means a future SWAT raid or worse, christians should not pay taxes since abortion mill PP gets tax dollars. After all, to die for Christ is to gain, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Religious convictions aside (I do personally believe abortion to be wrong)...where do you draw the line? Who owns your body? Do you, or does someone else? We set a dangerous precedence if we determine, based on our own personal religious convictions, that someone else can decide what we do with our bodies.

I agree with the sentiment that a woman has a right to choose. However, she made her choice when she spread her legs (not including rape here) and pregnancy is a foreseeable outcome of coitus.

That said, a fetus cannot survive on its own before 20 weeks at best. At some point, the fetus becomes a viable human being and has the same rights as anyone else.

That is what needs to be determined: At what point does the fetus have the same right to its body and life as its mother? A truly liberty minded people will have to struggle with their religious beliefs that are contrary to the freedom of self ownership.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on now..As if you couldn't see Americas willing fall into the disgusting chasm of Political Correctness and all its perverse activities it champions, that only now when the Abomination is trotted out we get Internet rage at it..there is no conviction to that rage, its fleeting here and gone in the next minutes, but the Abomination continues unabated. America is now really just a moral desert of depraved perversions and foul associations that have been tacitly approved and allowed by our society as "Hope and Change" that was promised, and certainly not for the better..The once great American country is no more, it is a fould stinking corpse of the Founding Fathers promise, a wasteland created by the apathy of follow on generations who just did not have the same conviction and principles that they had when they bravely stood up and won the American Revolution...

It was ours to lose, and we certainly did. The country of my father and his forefathers, is no more, I am a stranger in my own homeland. Sign me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Aside from the crappy emotion laden labels, (Pro Life? Is anyone really on another side called Pro Death? Pro Choice? I choose to own an AR15. Am I now Pro Choice?), once the sperm and egg have joined into an "unintended pregnancy" the chance to make good choices has passed. At that point all that is left is a list of choices that range from really really bad to horrible.

What American parents need to do is get a whole lot better at being parents, in particular in teaching our children how and when to make better choices.

And don't think this is just about the abortion debate. Can we all agree that Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Adam Lanza, James Holmes, and Dylann Roof all made some really bad choices?

Anonymous said...

So I am checking out some local news and these are the headlines:

- Georgia Woman attempts to perform sex change operation her 4 year old boy in a Burger King bathroom

- Inmate was nearly cut in half and missing organs after a prison riot

- Mississippi school fined for opening with a prayer

- Bruce Jenner (yeah I said it) receives an award for being so damn brave

- US Gubbmint removing the word "Negro" from old birth certificates

- Semi-truck caught smuggling 100 mexican in dead cows

- 82 Year Old man eaten by pigeons in Alabama

- Al Sharpton makes a Frowny Face about Planned Parenthood

Any sane person would be pissed off to be born into and live in the kind of world that supports this abject apathy to evil and willful stupidity.

John Hitchcock said...

Let it now and forever be known that "PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS THE ARCHITECT OF THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST" The Godless tyrants of the past cannot hold a candle to them.

Anonymous said...

We can point fingers at Planned Parenthood all we want...and believe me, God will judge them culpable as well....but let us not forget our fellow countrymen/women are making the choice to end these pregnancies and by way of that....children's lives. They are ALL responsible.