Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The race for the game changer.

Arms race goes hypersonic
Later: But don't worry because "5 Ways Russia's Military Is Literally Falling Apart."
Yeah, and I seem to remember on 6 December 1941 that the predominant opinion in the western military establishments was that Japanese planes were crap and that pilots all were nearsighted because they ate rice all the time and, furthermore, that they couldn't fly competently because their mamasans carried them around in their early years and thus the Nipponese didn't have a proper sense of balance. All obviously true. Just ask the sailors on the Arizona.

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Josh said...

Stanislav Lunev (gru defektor) said the plan was for China and Russia to team up on America. With China supplying the major manpower and Russia the nukes. America would get in a war with China, likely over Taiwan, and Russia would blindside the US with nuclear decapitation strikes. Then both would invade, Russia via Alaska and Canada and the right coast, china via the left coast. South of the border commies would invade at the same time. They even have Iran taking part in the invasion. Europe would be given terms from the Kremlin. China would take over Asia. But the prize to be plundered and raped is the good old USA. By the way this plan could really happen, especially with what we have for leadership today. 0bama would likely surrender without a fight.

Tsun Tsu said to appear weakest when at the eight of strength.
Russia may have much of its mil in public disarray, but they have slcm nukes in subs off our shores ( like 2 minutes warning to detonation over a coastal target) right now as in today and under the ice at the north pole. They have modern mobile mirved icbms ready to fire (I dunno, what, 27 minutes of warning to detonations?). They (Russia) just combined their strategic nuclear commands, wich is a warning sign nuclear war is imminent.