Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Russia’s Troll Army Is Making Life Harder for US Spies

How Moscow’s robotic feeds and paid social-media commentators complicate open-source intelligence gathering.

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ag42b said...

The vulnerability of social media is well known. With "fake identity" web sites, which provide the visitor with a name and identifying information sufficient to open a social media account, even at the locations which bother to check, it is very easy for someone to open fraudulent accounts, and place their viewpoint where others will see it.

I am certain that similar sites are used by those wishing to influence social media. For an agency to rely on social media, when trying to gauge public opinion, is a mistake. It appears that the agencies involved are not making a minimum of effort.

Only twenty such accounts, when used once, could have an unfortunate effect on policy. It is certain that an untold amount are used by our nation's enemies.