Monday, August 17, 2015

Remember Rule #1 in Zombieland? "Fatties get eaten first."

1 In 3 Young Adults Too Fat To Enlist In Military.


Anonymous said...

"1 In 3 Young Adults Too Fat To Enlist In Military."

SO? What's the problem? O'Bozo is downsizing the military anyway. Even if they wanted to enlist (and many don't, for various reasons, both Left and Right), and were able to, the numbers wouldn't allow them. "Sorry, we're full right now, come back later."

Again, what's the problem? Ummmm, besides future health problems. And possible foreign invasion by our enemies that see through our weakness. Other than those. . . .

(with tongue semi-firmly planted in cheek)
B Woodman

Anonymous said...

No felas, its cool. Didn't you hear that Michelle Obama has this childhood obesity thing in the bag with all sorts of taxpayer funded schemes. That always solves the problem, amIright?