Thursday, August 13, 2015

NRA lickspittle Bob Owens soils his panties -- again.

Oath Keepers, Go Home
See also: "Dispatch from White Hope Mine dispute in Montana: The constitutionalist group Oath Keepers is defending a mine that the Forest Service says is out of compliance."


Anonymous said...

The nra and this obammy lackey/fool are unworthy of the bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

Had one of the Oath Keepers been a brother of color, this would be a non-story. Should the OKs deploy in the future, ask a OK of color to go along. The libtards will go apoplectic!! ~Big Al III

Sean said...

Exactamundo! I didn't see Bob Owens' pussy ass there either, armed or unarmed. Calling him lickspittle is elevating him, Mike. He's a coward, revels in being one, and will quack til dawn passes,in order to draw a crowd. The yellow bastard. I can tell you where he will be when it really hits the fan. Running just as fast as he can, in the other direction.

Anonymous said...

How about some of our Texas rattle snake hunters gather up a few thousand rattlers which we can re-locate to the area surrounding those mines under assault by the feds.
That ought to clinch their sphincters a little bit, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

What the difference between Bob Owens and Judas Iscariot; Bob asking price was a lot lower, don't ya know!

Chiu ChunLing said...

The facts on the ground suggest that, despite the (after the fact) fears expressed by various pants wetting hoplophobes, the appearance of armed white civilians on the streets did in fact cause a significant number of black residents a chance to rethink the logic of their "race war" mentality.

And it was a matter of rethinking, not visceral fear of armed (and bearded) white men, because it's only four guys. That's enough to chase smaller and less-well armed black kids home, it's not enough to keep them from ganging up and coming back out for a fight. What kept that from happening was imagining the overall situation in which whites still heavily outnumber and outgun blacks.

They may not have read your excellent meditation on the situation, but they can figure out the essential outline when they see some scruffy looking whites with AR-15's. And it had a salutary effect.

Whether or not further such actions will have the same effect is certainly up for debate. After all, nothing now can stop the chaos that is coming, people can only prepare for the storm. But the more people of both races realize just how ugly a real race war would be, the fewer will be trying to start one. Things are going to be plenty bad without the racial conflict (not that there will be any practical way to completely eliminate it).

CB said...

Bob, Your Logo:
Bearing Arms
Guns & Patriots
Saving Liberty and Lives
For honesty's sake, change the freakin" logo!