Friday, August 14, 2015

Manufacturing fear in Washington state. (Although exactly who is doing so remains open to argument.)

Spokane's Republican sheriff says members of his own party are dangerously dividing people


Anonymous said...

I went to this story from "Inlander" Friday afternoon to find exactly what this sheriff was all about. It's a little strange; this guy has been elected by landslides in a very conservative area and then after some time starts sounding like Diane Feinstein. What happened that made him start referring to constitutionally minded people as a danger? Did power go to his head? Did money go to his pocket? Did Feds go to his office? Did stupidity go to his brain? .. Only he knows, but I hope that with the heat of the spotlight on him the truth can be shaken out..

Josh said...

I wonder if the reason he hasn't investigated "death threats" is because he knows that some if not all came from his own office or other gov operatives? Also, I don't think he was voted into office by patriotic Americans, his agenda is overtly anti-constitution and would therefor garner support from those who likewise hate the US Constitution and thusly America. Let alone the votes from rigged voting machines.

Anonymous said...

The level of conflation and ignorance in this column is shocking - but then again considering that the Inlander is little more than a collectivist propaganda rag, it isn't a surprise.

Sheriff Ozzie is nothing more than an establlishment authoritarian thug. He has zero comprehension of the intent and meaning of the United States Constitution. His babbling nine minute non-response response to the MRAP video has shown everyone what this NAZI actually believes. We shall see if he will be elected again? I doubt it. In the mean time, maybe King Ozzie should consider that all of the people that he claims are somehow a threat really just want to be left alone? I realize it's nearly impossible for such an ego-driven, paranoid self-aggrandizibg glory hound as this sheriff to comprehend this or honor the desire by law-abiding tax-paying citizens to simply be allowed to live thief lives in freedom - so at some point, when his globalist masters tell him it's time, he will make his move against said citizens. That day is going to end poorly for him and his gang of festooned, uniformed thugs. Don't tread on me. It's very simple.


Anonymous said...

There are members of the GOP like Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich all over the country.

With them it isn't about protecting the constitution & the rights of the people as much as it is about protecting their power and re-election.

Anyone that's speaks against them is a traitor in their eyes just as in 1775 anyone who spoke against the King was a traitor against his country. Free speech was nonexistence then as it is becoming now.

"I think that anytime we have somebody that is saying innocent citizens — that have done nothing else other than love the Constitution — are somehow the enemy, we don't live in a free country anymore," Matt Shea

When tyranny is law
Rebellion is duty!

Comrade X