Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kurt Hofmann has a darn good question: Why is NSSF Trying to Expand List of "Prohibited Persons"

The only way to "fix" NICS is to do away with it, consign it to the scrap heap of the more sordid parts of our history.


Anonymous said...

They will never be able to stop a "prohibited person" from making a private purchase.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Gottlieb hasn't gotten around to banning Kurt.

Anonymous said...

Stupid laws often come about because stupid people do stupid things that make other people feel like they need to respond with more stupidity.

A couple or three examples:

1. Many Florida cities had ordinances that required a license to carry a concealed handgun. Some others banned concealed carry all together. In at least one case, the City of Miami Beach, the mayor directed the police chief to issue exactly three licenses, one each for the mayor, the mayor's wife, and the police chief. This kind of stupidity was the direct genesis of what the left feels is more stupidity, Florida's "shall issue" concealed carry permit system. You can and many will argue which is the more evil infringement of that which "shall not be infringed" but the bottom line is that the infringers brought "shall issue" on themselves by being so capricious and arbitrary with their "may issue" system.

2. At a Weyerhaeuser facility in Oklahoma, management chose to bring in sniffer dogs on the Friday before the opening of hunting season. After telling their employees it was for a random drug search, they searched the vehicles in the company parking lot and fired every employee who had his or her hunting gear in their private vehicle intending to head straight to their hunting grounds after work, a practice that had been followed by them for many years. As a direct result, many states passed laws forcing employers to allow employees to have firearms in their locked vehicles on company property. If Weyerhaeuser management hadn't been so underhanded, nobody would have ever thought it necessary or politically possible to force this down the companies' and chamber of commerces' throats. "Take Your Gun To Work" laws are the direct result of Weyeraeuser stupidity.

3. A couple in Florida, expecting their first child, researched Pediatricians extensively, looking for one who was recommended by other parents and accepting new patients. In lawsuit happy Florida, finding a ObGyn or Pediatrician who takes new patients can be problematic. After an exhaustive search, the doctor they settled on refused their business unless they got all of their guns out of the house. To make a long story short, the political stance taken by the AMA, the Pediatric board, and this particular doctor are the direct cause of Florida's "Docs vs Glocks" Law.

The bottom line is this. Nancy Pelosi and others have recommended that every returning veteran be placed on the NICS prohibited list because they all have PTSD. Recently someone has suggested many Social Security recipients that have someone else minding their financial affairs be prohibited persons as well. Already many Americans are prohibited persons under the Lautenberg Amendment because they have a mere restraining order issued against them. As the left clamors for more and more people to have lifetime bans on their RKBA, at some point the American people are likely to say "ENOUGH" and hand the left a present they should have seen coming, the end of the NICS altogether, like the long gun registry that was recently closed down in Canada.

Now I firmly believe that someone like Charles Manson should not be in possession of a firearm. But turning that obvious need into a ban on many or most Americans is just way too much more of my cake than I'm willing to give up.


Anonymous said...

NSSF makes me very happy to belong to GOA. This group of Fudds sounds more like a sewing circle of hand-wringing Grandma's than a gun-right's tour-DE-force..What's their motto? Take someone else's guns and they'll leave me alone? A quick look at history should tell them that sooner or later they'll get to you pal! And then they'll be no one left to help you.