Monday, August 17, 2015

Herschel Smith on "Lone Wolf Terrorism."

You learn one thing, and you can suspect another. As for what you can suspect (with a fairly high chance of being right) is that if you are a gun owner or believe in the constitution, you fall into that category they call the “far right.”
Here's the original report he refers to.


Millwright said...

Since all of the "threats" we've perceived or encountered come from the decidedly 'left leaning' segments of society, the DHS position seems about right for their bias. Makes one wonder, however, if a populist president with an anti-government bias is elected how many of these folks will continue to have a place at the government tit.

Anonymous said...

Idiots from Georgetown are a greater threat to our freedom than Calypso Louies foot soldiers.

Anonymous said...

As long as the communist are in control patriots will be their enemies, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

I would rather be deemed far right than far wrong.
Whenever they call us right wing, we should respond by calling them wrong wing. Disregard the left versus right paradigm, instead adopting the wrong versus right paradigm. We are right, they are wrong. We support rights, they support wrongs. We champion rights, they champion wrongs.

They are not left. They are just wrong.

Anonymous said...

I would rather be despised by the despicable, than admired by the admirable.

B Woodman

Mark Pugner said...

I've parsed (.) the report's definition of terrorist in comparison to a current, ongoing scandal.

Terrorists generally share a similar radicalization process: each starts with a personal, social, or political grievance that creates a receptive point. (Tea Party snub) However, terrorists often experience a crisis event that exacerbates these grievances and leads them to adopt a radical ideology. (2010 elections) After the radical ideology resonates, they go through anger projection and moral outrage simultaneously with escalating irritation by the initial grievance. (IRS targets Tea Party non-profits) As this cycle of anger continues, the terrorist eventually reaches a trigger point where they determine it is time to act. (Imprison Tea Party Patriots) This point is when they decide to act alone or with a group, and this decision is significantly influenced by social competence and ideological autonomy... (Chicago Boys Club)