Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hardly surprising.

Sen. Graham moved up in Air Force Reserve ranks despite light duties


Anonymous said...

I have never liked L. Graham for his effeminate hawkishness, for his hypocrisy with respect to budgets and his general demeanor. I actually think he is a closet fag.

He is clearly a ladder climber with no real-world achievements. An Air Force Colonel and he can't fly a plane? Pathetic! What kind of men have America's "leaders" become? Certainly not the robust men of action we read in the history books. Boehner, Graham, McConnel, the entire lot are spineless deal makers and sell outs.


Uncle Elmo said...

It's also not surprising that in a recent poll of the 17 presidential candidates, Lindsey Graham received 0%.

He obviously needs to do an online interview with GloZell. That might triple his numbers to zero percent.

Anonymous said...

In total agreement with Anon 6:23..A good laugh for me would be to see Graham in the woods with the two guys in "Deliverance"..

Anonymous said...

Sorry KPN, but relegating colonel status to only "pilots" is what is really pathetic. There is a great deal more to our Air Force than just those sitting in the cockpit. Your comment is akin to those that feature a quarterback as the only, much less the best, player on the field. I think you just let your opposition to Lindsey get the better of you there, and disparaged countless Airmen in doing so. As the father of an Airman, I will accept your heartfelt apology for your emotion getting the better of you and caution you to future outbursts of the politics of personal destruction and the unintended damage they cause. I'd bet the farm that you didn't intentionally mean to disrespect so many Airmen with your comment - that you just let slip a comment meant for Lindsey.... But that doesn't mean you didn't disrespect them. We are all guilty of things like this, of making mistakes. What separates us is whether or not we admit it and correct our mistake made.

Anonymous said...

This piece of garbage was assigned to our Reserve Wing here in Charleston. He was supposed to be a JAG. In the 25+ years I've served here, he's never been seen! He has a Bronze Star, yet not a single deployment medal. Politician indeed!