Sunday, August 16, 2015

Funniest line uttered so far in the presidential contest: Trump is "a man so in love with his own voice that he believes his brain farts are policy."

Hillary Clinton has Democrats in a panic
Trying to turn national security into a punchline is a stupid thing to do, especially when the FBI has your server.


Anonymous said...

Well who said it?

You sure he wasn't talking about the sissy golfer on an eternal vacation in between his Luciferian destruction of our country?

If Obama's the ultimate bottom-feeder best to have a scrapper at the same depths to chomp it out. God knows it takes fire to fight fire--if we have't learned that by now, screw it. Cruz has the right stuff but it's hidden beneath a hang dog look, no personality and years floating around DC scummy waters. If the masses are more glued to TMZ than caring about their futures than why not make the most of it--Trump's entertaining as hell and he might just be better than the Marxist.

Coyote Hubbard said...

Clinton link is a paywall so it was unreadable.