Friday, August 7, 2015

Did this guy's Three Percenter decal get him arrested?

OPD takes 19 'crime guns' off streets in July
A few days before that stop, officers stopped a car in the area of South Kirkman Road and Raleigh Street after noticing it had illegal window tint, according to a report. The driver, Stephen Roberts Jr., 27, told police he had a gun on his right hip and another in a bag on the passenger-side floor, according to the report. He told police he had permit to carry a concealed weapon, though after checking, officers said the permit was suspended.
Officers had Roberts get out of the car and they secured a .45-caliber pistol that he had tucked into his underwear, according to the report. The pistol had a round in the chamber and a loaded 10-round magazine. They then searched the bag and found an Arsenal AK pistol with a round in the chamber and a full magazine, the report states.
Officers continued to search Roberts' car and found three large knives, a smoke grenade, a stun gun, a bullet-proof vest, two-way radio, tourniquets, and other survival gear, according to the report. Police said Roberts had a "III%er," or Three Percenters sticker on his car and on some of the tactical gear.
According to the group's Facebook page, The Three Percenters is a non-organized group of Americans who "intend to maintain their God-given natural rights to liberty and property." Roberts was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.


Anonymous said...

No. Being stupid got him arrested.

Anonymous said...

Rule No.1: Keep your mouth shut. Never give consent for your vehicle to be searched. His concealed carry permit was suspended. Idiot First Class.

Anonymous said...

...despite the urge to shout wake up people from the rooftops. It is best to remain grey until time for action.
Old Bill in Fla

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about this man but the FACT is that he was arrested for daring to exercise his rights. Police were doing nothing but bothering a man who wasn't harming or bothering a soul. What a pathetic display of the police state this nation has become. That sticker is exactly why he got pulled over. I guess if a person has a two door, then their third and fourth windows are too dark....because they aren't there!!!!

Window tint darkness is such a societal danger, huh? Sheesh.

Ms. H. Nichole said...

Why people declare their guns at a simple traffic stop blows my mind.
"Not asked - don't tell"

Anonymous said...

I cant speak for other parts of the country, but down in Florida, window tint checks are a classic pretext for stopping someone in order to go on a "fishing expedition". In this case, I'd be almost willing to bet that what started the whole encounter was his license showing it was linked to an expired CCW.

The sad part is that if he had had the .45 in the glove compartment, he would have been legal, permit or not.

Anonymous said...

Reading the MIAC report forced me remove any stickers from my vehicle. Why advertise?

Joe said...

Here's the real "fishing expedition" fine print on having aftermarket tint installed on your car windows in Florida:

316.2955 Window sunscreening material; compliance labeling; tolerances.--

(1) Each installer or seller of sunscreening material shall provide a pressure-sensitive, self-destructive, nonremovable, vinyl-type film label to the purchaser stating that the material complies with the provisions of ss. 316.2951-316.2954. Each such installer shall affix the required label to the inside left door jamb of the motor vehicle.


Your car door has to be WIDE OPEN for the sticker to be viewed.

Anonymous said...

This guy must have the IQ right around room temperature.