Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3rd, 1948: Whittaker Chambers outs Alger Hiss.

The most impressive thing about Whittaker Chambers to me was that when he deserted the dark side and emerged into the light, he thought he was choosing the losing side of history. All he expected for his trouble was a bullet in the brain and a roadside grave with some lime thrown over him. Yet he did it because it was both right and truthful.


TheBohunk said...

Excellent read, Mike. Thank you.

So effective has left-wing education and media been over the years, that I have yet to meet a person outside of online forums/boards and places like SSI, that has any idea how saturated our government was with communist operatives and sympathizers during the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations. The era is marked in popular memory as one of right-wing hysteria when it should have been a warning about what was to come.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY and I do absolutely ONLY way to destroy the communist hold (squeezed by Islamic zealots) upon our nations government is to elect a new president and then have them REFUSE to form again the cabinet belonging to past presidents. Government has some commies, yes, but the massive numbers. Of operational actors are employees of the executive bureaucracy. These lower and mid level policy wonks serve at the pleasure of the president and EVERY ONE OF THEM can b tossed out