Saturday, August 8, 2015

As well he should be, the statist puke.

Christie Heckled By Second Amendment Activists At Red State Gathering.
“We don’t want him here in Georgia. He can run as fast as he wants back up to New Jersey. We’ll buy his plane ticket if he wants to fly but he needs to get the charges thrown out on Brian Fletcher. He needs to come clean on his anti-gun history, because really he is in ninth place and he’s dropping fast.”


GA Patriot said...

Hahaha! I don't agree with some of GGO's tactics. But in this case, I am glad to see some GA homies getting in the face of that NJ RINO.

Anonymous said...

Christie another rino lunatic control freak. He reminds me of that other rino lunatic control freak Peter King. NSA/DHS/TSA. America's home grown Stasi. Behind enemy lines. In Unconstitutional ,collectivist, Ct. We will never comply. Nor stand down .AAA/O. 11B2O.

Anonymous said...

His performance reminded me of Lois Griffin on Family Guy.
"What are your plans for the environment?"
*Everyone applauds*

Anonymous said...

He should drop dead of a coronary after eating a boat-load of canoli's in phony tough-guy, low I.Q., terrible drivers N.J. ..( no offense to any three-pers stuck in N.J.)

Bad Cyborg said...

If Chris Christie's picture isn't in the urban dictionary beside the word "RINO" it ought to be!

Can I have an "Amen!" or two on that?

Anonymous said...

I've always judged men by whether or not I thought I'd want them standing next to me when shit got real in a bar or alley way.

You tell me with a straight face that you would want one of these shit bags next to you under those same circumstances?

Not on your life, and by the way those are the stakes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2PM,
Sure, I'd want fattie CC (or any other RINO - Juan McPain comes immediately to mind, amongst others) next to me in a bar fight or alleyway.
He could absorb those first blows or bullet rounds, and allow me to get the heck out of there unscathed.

B Woodman