Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another David Codrea Exclusive: " ATF Denies Being an ‘Agency’ to Avoid FOIA Compliance Requirements."

It looks like an agency, walks like an agency and quacks like an agency. It calls its field operatives “agents,” not “bureaucrats.” It’s an agency when it wants to be, when there’s something to gain, like an approved budget, or more power and prestige. When that’s perceived as a liability, when there’s something to hide, something to stonewall, something to lose, they all of a sudden become something else.


Anonymous said...

Since I live 43.7 miles from where Moses lost his sandals my internet bandwidth is crup.

Codrea is quite the interesting guy, but it takes feffingforever do download his site.

I quit.


Dr.D said...

seems like it would be a relatively simple task to peruse the public record for both written and video statements of ATF officials referring to their "activity" as an agency..

Anonymous said...

All public records should be available to the public, agency or not. Even if it is not an agency, one still has common law rights to inspect public records. So courts should be subject to a record request as well as any other person's records that have public records. To claim that the ATF is not an agency is an old ploy to delay providing records to the public. And its a ploy may by total jerks who should not be collecting a taxpayer dime. Did you know that your congressman's records are not available because they don't work for an agency (congress is not an agency) but their committee records are ~ but some will try to hide all their records under the claim that they are not an agency. But they are members of public agencies of the committees that they work on. And common law again, makes their records available.