Saturday, August 8, 2015

4GW: "This Hacker’s Tiny Device Unlocks Cars And Opens Garages."

This link was passed on to me with the comment: "The 4th Generation Warfare capabilities with this are staggering." He's right.


Uncle Al said...

This gadget exploits a known vulnerability that has been closed by more than one car company, and fixing the problem is quite easy. Now that the news has hit a general audience, you can expect all new remote control devices to be unaffected by the described hack. Older devices, however, are likely to remain vulnerable for as long as they're in use.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I want one! will Mr. Popeal being coming out with a cheaper version?..just kidding, but i can see the advantages of this gizmo already, and for $32 how can you go wrong?

FedUp said...

I see a practical difficulty:
Unless you mount it to the vehicle, what happens is:
They come out in the driveway, and set the device for the next rolling code.
They then GET IN THE CAR AND DRIVE IT AWAY, using the set code and maybe others before driving home. They then lock the car, setting a lock code in the device.

Anonymous said...

There is always, always, always a perfectly good solution to whatever problem that technology gives a partisan. Usually it is quite low tech, but sometimes someone can open source a techie solution.

Applying 4th Gen concepts to a skeleton key type of device leaves more up to imagination than stealing a car.

Otto Didact said...

Forget about Rolljam. Here : is the hack that could be REALLY useful for 4G warriors.

"Vulnerabilities in asset-tracking systems made by Globalstar and its subsidiaries would allow a hijacker to track valuable and sensitive cargo—such as electronics, gas and volatile chemicals, military supplies or possibly even nuclear materials—disable the location-tracking device used to monitor it, then spoof the coordinates to make it appear as if a hijacked shipment was still traveling its intended route. Or a hacker who just wanted to cause chaos and confusion could feed false coordinates to companies and militaries monitoring their assets and shipments to make them think they’d been hijacked,"

So, the insurgents hijack a shipment while simultaneously sending bogus data indicating the shipment is still rolling. Or the shipment is left alone but the data stream is spoofed to make it LOOK LIKE the shipment was hijacked. Meanwhile the Feds never know WHERE their stuff is. Except that at that point the insurgents lie low until the Feds recover confidence in their location tracking systems. At which time the insurgents start having fun again. Sounds like loads of rollicking, frollicking good fun for the insurgents. Should be a way to spoof a vehicle/handheld GPS to make it give totally bad turn-by-turn instructions. Technology is useful but as the immortal Jimmy Doohan once said (STMP III IIRC) "The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain."
[giving McCoy a handful of computer chips]

There are some dandy designs out there for homemade EMP guns ("zap" guns?) based upon microwave oven magnetrons. Ought to be right useful to take out hand held devices. Even specwarriors liable to use GPS operating stateside in neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Ive never seen electronics be able to hack a physical key in the lock (I know, it is so 70's and 80's, so PASSE these days)

....Who says technology has made things better, only more "convenient" to get people got lazier, the criminals only had to work far they are winning. Sign me , Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Couple this with Push button start technology in the cars, and what do you have? A nation full of cars that can literally be stolen at any time anyplace, YUP! Thats progress for ya... Funny how needing a physical key to open and start a car/truck seems so low tech and successful anymore. Just like needing back up cameras, GPS to navigate your local neighboorhood, and sensors to do half your driving for you are all necessary these days.. How ever did we manage from Fords Model A's until the advent of these handicapped owners cars that do everything for you..

I cant wait until the invent the car that will give you road head too, that will be a model to invest in. In the 70s and 80s, you needed a real live person to do that...

Oh yeah, we are so much better off....I can't understand why we passed up from the Muscle car generation of the late 70s to 80s to this crap..Too simple and fun to actually drive, they required driving skills and half a brain to take care of.

Sign me, Neal Jensen