Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What?!? DC gun control didn't save him?

Former Intern For Gun Control Congressman Stabbed To Death On D.C. Metro.


Anonymous said...

LOL...( picture me in a belly laugh, hands on knees bent over, slapping my sides..)

Anonymous said...

Now, don't get me wrong on this, but, THIS assailant probably could have killed an 'out of shape' intern with his bare fists alone. He used a knife for it's intimidation value against any onlookers. The problem with liberals is that they believe their own dogma about where violence comes from...or that it exists at all. The intern had his cell phone on one of those stupid wrist mounts, displaying it for all to see...because he wanted to be cool. Never dreamed that someone on the train would actually try to take it from him. I've heard that smart folks, women in particular, turn their diamonds around on their finger hiding the stones when they are among the less savory types. Whatever gave the dead guy the idea that nobody would ever try to take it from him?

I grieve any time anyone is killed senselessly. Liberal or conservative. Had I been there, and had I had the attitude and balls to defy the 'no gun' ordinance in DC, I'd have shot that black criminal bastard dead, making sure he still held the knife in his hand. Maybe even put one through his head at point blank to make sure there were no court costs to the people. Then I'd have exited the train while it was still moving and beat it out of DC.

People need to wise up. You can't mingle with homicidal criminals while showing off your expensive possessions. It's STUPID!

As for the assailant, you can thank Obama, Holder and all the other "black lives matter" crowd for making this punk murderer think he could do this type of thing and get away with it. No morals. That's what liberals have allowed the black community to become. Death is no big deal. Black on white crime is somehow justified!

Anonymous said...

" Whatever gave the dead guy the idea that nobody would ever try to take it from him?"

Ummm because, cuz ummm, well, ITS AGAINST THE LAW ma!
Those lefty fools REALLY DO BELIEVE that if they just pass more laws then everything will be ok.

Fools, indeed.

Galaxie_Man said...

Thanks again for refreshing the shame I feel for being from Kommiecticut. Although Himes is the one mentioned in the article, all seven (5 representatives and two senators) from the Kommiecticut congressional delegation are absolute ASS-HATS! Every one is a clone of FrankenFeinstein and her belief that we should "turn them all in."

Of course they all live and work with armed security. Guns for me, but not for thee.

Paul III said...

If this was to happen to one representative that vote against the will of the people, I wouldn't shed a f**king tear. That's why I carry whether it is "allowed" or not. And when I get arrested for saving my own life or someone else, I will have no alternative but to shoot my way out of the situation. Need as much company on my journey as possible. If everyone thought the way I do, we would run out of enemies of the constitution. Paul Paver Jr.

Informed42 said...

What D.C., New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and a host of other cities need is a few groups of Bernard Goetz's that blend in with the crowd until some action needs to be taken. Then they need to take it, leave the punk-assed thugs dead on the floor or ground, and fade away back into the crowd. And if those in the crowd 'can't
or don't provide any descriptions of the avengers, that would improve things for everyone in the crowds, because any other aspiring thugs wouldn't know if they'd be
the next ones to be dead on the ground for trying their crap.

When no one knew who Bernie Goetz was, crimes on the N.Y. subway system dropped 55 percent !! Independent vigilante actions can have a good affect. More so when the members of the general public don't see or know a thing about who did anything.

Informed42 said...

Paul III- It should happen to a whole bunch of the Representatives that have voted against the will of the people repeatedly, and also to a whole bunch of the Senators that have kissed the asses of the Zero Administration's traitors and thieves for the last 6 plus years !!

Paul III said...

That's what I meant to say: t should happen to one representative PER MONTH. Sorry writing on a stupid phone. Paul