Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Well, isn't this special? Your tax dollars at work. Again. Still. Mexican illegal "finds" a truly "automatic" pistol -- it goes off all by itself.

Gun allegedly used by San Francisco shooting suspect belonged to federal agent, source says
The gun used by a Mexican illegal immigrant when he allegedly shot dead a 32-year-old woman at a San Francisco pier belonged to a federal agent, a source confirmed to Fox News Tuesday.
It was not immediately clear how Francisco Sanchez, 45, would have obtained the weapon. However, the San Francisco Chronicle reported sources told the paper the gun had been stolen during a car burglary in June.
Earlier Tuesday, Sanchez pled not guilty to first-degree murder in last week's shooting of Kathryn Steinle, 32, while she was walking with her father and a family friend at Pier 14. Police said witnesses heard no argument or dispute before the shooting, suggesting it was a random attack.
Sanchez had previously told KGO-TV Sunday in a mix of Spanish and English that he found a gun wrapped inside a shirt while he was sitting on a bench at the pier and smoking a cigarette.
"So I picked it up and ... it started to fire on its own," Sanchez said, adding that he heard three shots go off.
A source familiar with the investigation told the San Francisco Chronicle that Sanchez said he was at the popular pier to shoot at sea lions, and discarded the firearm after realizing he had shot Steinle.


Anonymous said...

If the media were consistent, there should be a great wave of support to disarm federal agents. One firearm is stolen, so, ALL federal agents are not capable of proper care of equipment.

A confirmation to sane people; victim disarmament zones, safes with windows, and media with an agenda are all reasons to train and mitigate risk.

Anonymous said...

SO why isn't this federal agent in jail? According to the Libtards own desires, wish list, and legislative demand, IF you either lose a gun, or have it stolen from you, even if you report the loss and/or theft, AND if that same gun is used in a crime (especially a murder), no matter how long the time spread between loss/theft and crime, YOU, the LOSSEE (LOSER?) should go to jail, immediately, do not pass go, to not go to trial to determine any legal responsibility.
So again, by the Gun Control Freques own wish list, why is the Fed agent NOT in jail for the murder of Ms Steinle?

Per Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals": RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

All you folks who claim your weapon never fires itself, just stays right where you left it, until you pick it up again, it's just playing possum, holding out until it can get a hardworking, undocumented alien in trouble, waiting to fire itself at an unsuspecting innocent bystander.

Thomas said...

Has this firearm been traced back to "Fast and Furious" yet?

Anonymous said...

So, not only did he commit murder, he was shooting at protected marine mammals?

Anonymous said...

"So, not only did he commit murder, he was shooting at protected marine mammals?"

Inside the city limits, in a very crowded area, less than a few yards from several structures (full of tourists). I mean really, there is a good reason that every city's busiest parks and tourist areas are "no plinking zones". Kind of a "know your target and what's beyond" thing, right there.

There are a lot of things about this story that just don't add up. Can someone really be that infernally stupid? Supposed he really was just out to plink at what he saw as over-grown sea-gophers, like some kind of misplaced farm boy. (Not to pick on misplaced farm boys, 'cuz I am one.) The wharfs of SF aren't exactly an unpopulated hay field. "Oh, I think I'll go to the most crowded, most patrolled part of one of the nation's most densely populated cities and plink away a box of ammo. Should be lots of good giggles." How long did he really expect that to last? I'm not buying that story either.

Anonymous said...

........but only the police, government agents and the military should have guns, right?

Anonymous said...

But but but if it is locked up in the car - instead of being carried- then it is more safe....or something.

Anonymous said...

Its a Pity people believe this shit...We wouldn't be having this problem if the PEOPLE would unscrew their corrupt FED GOV..

Willfully failing to ENFORCE current immigration laws is impeachable...but America has no spine to force at gunpoint Congress to do their job, much less dispose of the corrupt system....I live in a jelly mold field of american fungus, spineless, stinking and useless. You dont have rights is you dont FIGHT to exercise them.. Assuming that mere written words on paper means anything, they dont, not when the "enforces" dont "enforce" them but rather write or create their own from the hip law enforcement that speaks one thing but acts totally outside the laws laid out in the Constitution. If the people to not ENFORCE the FED GOV to do their job, FED GOV will do what it wants, unimpeded and unconcerned with public sentiment as there is no fear that the public will do anything to MAKE THEM do their job...

Sign me Neal Jensen

Robert Fowler said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So, not only did he commit murder, he was shooting at protected marine mammals?

And he will probably get more time for that then he will for the murder.

Informed42 said...

The stories bandied about by the Lame Stream Media, the government and the officials of the City of San Francisco sure do raise a lot of suspicions and questions for me. They also make me wonder how in the hell cities or towns or even counties can blatantly decide what laws they are going to enforce and which ones they're going to ignore.

Any and all officials of city, town or county government that fails to enforce the
laws, not only regarding illegal immigrants, but all the laws, should be subject to arrest, prosecution, incarceration (on a finding of guilty), and be personally liable for compensatory and punitive damages for the victims injured or killed by their failures and actions. Every one of the 'sanctuary cities' in the U.S. should be immediately purged of 'illegals', by force of arms if necessary, and the illegals
immediately deported.

The story about the B.L.M. Agent having his gun 'stolen' in an automobile burglary was sure fast in being tossed out as an excuse of where and how it came to be in the possession of an illegal immigrant felon. More fast CYA bull shit by government.
What the hell kind of 'business' would a B.L.M. Agent be on in the city, and why would he have to leave his gun in the car ?? More bull shit !!

The illegal contradicts his own stories (if they really are his stories). He 'found'
the gun at the pier wrapped in a shirt. He went to the pier to shoot at wildlife. Which is it ?? Did he figure he'd find a gun at the pier to shoot at wildlife with or did he already have the gun when he went to the pier ? How long was he in the city before he acquired the gun ? How did he acquire the gun ? Buy it or what ? If he bought it, where did he get the money to pay for it ? Is this another incident of the Feds furnishing guns to illegals or what ?

Aaahhh, San Francisco. Liberal, queer, lesbian, transgender and assorted other weirdo's capital of California. I can't think of a more perfect candidate for an
earthquake to drop into the ocean. That would clean it up a lot !!

Anonymous said...

Even better it was a BLM officers gun must have lost it at the bundy ranch.

the U.S. Bureau of Land Management admitted the gun used to kill Kate Steinle one week ago today was stolen from one of its agents. The agency says someone broke into a ranger’s car back on June 27 in downtown San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

The gun fired three times. I just read a study that the number three is the liars number. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

The Federal Immigration Law in its current form makes it a Federal Felony to encourage an illegal alien to remain in the United States. I would say that those passing such laws and enforcing such ordinance are in violation of Federal Law that is specifically reserved to the Federal Government by the Constitution, in a limited form.

The Federal Statute is authorized by the Supreme Law of the Land and supersedes state, or their political subdivisions, laws, ordinances or regulation.

I say it is simple. A felon was assisted in remaining in the United States, by state employees and officials, under color of law, thus becoming Felons as well and since a murder occurred is there not a Felony Murder charge in order for the state employees and officials who were violating federal law.

Hell I think it is pretty clear. The officials in San Francisco who obstructed the deportation of this criminal and as a consequence violated a Federal Felony Statute, murder having been committed by the sheltered party, said illegal alien, the officials share in the crime of the criminal they broke the law to assist evade the law.

Charge them with Felony Murder and tri them according to law like the criminal they are and not what office they hold. That is the intent of the Constitution, no Aristocracy. You can word search a PDF Elliott's Debates for the reference. It was very well debated and Madison's Federalist 57 is the conclusion, spoken in brief :)

Congress can make no law that it and they friends are not subject along with the general mass of the population.

The genius of the system, as Madison called it, was the strict construction and the clear divisions between the three Branches we know as the "Separation of Powers Doctrine". Obviously it is more than a doctrine being called out in the intent of the Constitution itself. There is little doubt as to its intrinsic value of the restriction to those in office who wield the power of government. The actual construction of the instrument, the stated intent by the direct comment of the Secretary of the Constitutional Convention who noted the principle derived from the Delegates of the Convention and eventually compiled the final document was done by the same man, James Madison. I think we can count him an authority....

The Point is, no free pass because they are government officials, put them in the same trial as the perpetrator. Remember Madison's warning:

"I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations."


Anonymous said...

Somebody better investigate that federal officer. I think it was a hit.