Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"War in our time."

Israel and Saudi Arabia present united front over Iran deal: Iran's enemies unsettled by its deal with the West, but Bashar al-Assad of Syria says it is 'a great victory'
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And yet, far from holding the Iranians to account for their deception, we now have the bizarre situation where we have world leaders from Washington to Tehran – even including Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad – celebrating the conclusion of a deal which leaves us none the wiser about Iran’s true nuclear intentions. Moreover, the deal set out in Vienna yesterday allows Iran to retain vital capabilities that can be used for making nuclear weapons, such as developing more sophisticated methods of enriching uranium to weapons grade, as well as continuing development work on its ballistic missile programme. In return, Iran can now look forward to having the sanctions lifted as well as the global freeze on its assets, which could result in Tehran realising an estimated $150 billion (around £100 billion) in funds. No wonder the Iranian negotiators are celebrating their “historic” deal.


Anonymous said...

Some suggest that Obama wants Iran to go nuclear to provide a check on the nukes in Israel. Of course at that point the Saudi's are going to want nukes to counter the nukes in Teheran. And then the Turks.........

Gonna be tough putting the toothpaste back in that tube.

The only country in the world I'm aware of that voluntarily gave up working nukes was Ukraine. It's working out really well for them. I'm thinking it's gonna be really hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube when every mother's son in the middle east has gone nuclear.

Anonymous said...

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