Monday, July 6, 2015

US company gives glimpse into future of government surveillance

A SMALL private firm in the US has developed a surveillance system of Orwellian proportions that could very well be the future of big brother. Thirty kilometres above a chosen city, a plane hangs out of sight of the thousands of people scurrying below — continuously circling the metropolis underneath. Every second, the plane takes a photo of the entire city and all the happenings within a 64sq km radius. The images are beamed down to a control centre where they create what is akin to a real-time Google map of everything taking place. When a crime occurs, teams of analysts simply scroll back in time to the scene of the incident and identify those involved. From that point, they can follow the target by clicking forward through the images to the present moment and pinpoint their location.


Anonymous said...

Every item or tactic has a counter, every one of them. Most of the time the counter is so cheap or simple most over look it. These folks are hoping to sell their carp in the name of safety, deterrents, ect. History is a very good teacher of how uncle or LE is always, always, trying to catch up. Only the stupid or lazy FSA(free shit army) ever get caught.

Anonymous said...

Enemy of the State

But I am thinking of this - how about we keep it in the private sector and use it to keep track of every ELECTED official 24/7/365!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Then the courts will slap their hand & turn them loose.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More and more why the 4th Amendment *should* be interpreted to stop such government surveillance...and yet it will not b/c the sheeple will not stand up for themselves.

Had this technology been available in 1775, the revolution never would have taken root...and you can damn sure bet that if we'd won, the 4th Amendment would have specifically outlawed such surveillance.

The time for revolution again draws near....we wait too much longer and the technology is going to cost us dearly. The increasing threat grows by the day.

Anonymous said...

In other words, the FBI is already using this, unbeknownst to us! That's what the Fibbie ( FBI ) Air Force is all about!

Anonymous said...

This isn't as new as the article makes out, just do some googling.

Jerry The Geek said...

Oh, my. So many thoughts spring to mind. Just for starters:

. Minority Report
. Black Helicopters V-3.0
. Blimps would work better
. Franklin: "Those who would give up essential Liberty ..."

But then, you've already thought of those ramifications.

Anonymous said...

expect peta- tera- or whatever-bytes of info to mysteriously
"go missing" in some circumstances. cf. the COSTCO missing
surveillance data of the death of Eric Scott (2010) IIRC.
or Derek Hale, "overkilled" in Wilmington Delaware.