Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Fight Over the Confederate Flag Has Turned Into a Hateful Smear Campaign Against Millions of Southerners

"I don’t care about the Confederate flag or the Confederacy, but I do care about millions of Southerners being smeared, dead American soldiers who died defending their homes being attacked, and the disgusting, un-American attempts to purge history. If you’re okay with trying to smear and humiliate so many good and decent people just because they live in the South, then you can kiss my white southern ass."


Anonymous said...

Obama’s America: Liberal Judge Orders Obama Critic to Psychological Counseling

2016: Obama’s America was a movie directed by Dinesh D’Souza.
The movie is the second most popular documentary in history.

This week a Democratic judge ordered Dinesh D’Souza to seek psychological counseling. Judge Richard Berman also ruled D’Souza must continue community service for four more years.
World Net Daily reported:


Watch Obama next send all gun owners in for psychological counseling.

Ron Russell said...

Revisionist are hard at work trying to erase the history that goes against their agenda, just as the book-burning, Jew-killing Nazis did in WWII! There is little difference!

Anonymous said...

Being a Westerner myself I fit on nether side of the North/South thing, but I will say this. During my time in the service and as a security contractor I have known many fine Southerners, and even the roughest among them had something to recommend them. They were on the whole fine men who knew what honor was, and how to do the right thing. Very few of them were the racists they are commonly portrayed as in the media. These attributes are completely lacking among the race baiting poverty pimps who wish to smear Southern Culture for the purpose of advancing their Revisionist Marxist agenda's, and so I have no problem giving the benefit of the doubt to any man who flies the Battle Flag of the CSA as a matter of pride. They are more American than the trash that wish to drag them down, by a good long way.

Unclezip said...

It won't end well, Mike. As you know, there are a lot of us loyal Southerners scattered about in the liberal hinterlands. I fly my flag, and my Yankee neighbors are good with it. I believe the main problem we have is with the media.

Anonymous said...

I dont smear good decent people, including southerners. but those who see themselves as Confederates, of course. Same as those who wrap themselves in the Soviet flag...
Trash bin of history.

If it bothers you, you can kiss my American ass.

TheBohunk said...

"So we’ve gone from a nice gesture of reconciliation from Republicans in South Carolina to an all-hate campaign waged against southerners so vicious that Democrats are digging up corpses and smearing millions of people across the South as racists."

This is a perfect example of why you cannot trust nor bargain with them. They will always demand more or out-pander you.

You agree to a path to citizenship and they will demand full amnesty.
You agree to backround checks and they will demand registration.
You agree to civil unions and they will demand gay marriage.

And on and on down the line with every issue, always.You cannot compromise with people who want you and everything about you destroyed.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot compromise with people who want you and everything about you destroyed."

Some of the left (small "L") are decent but misguided people. What would you expect of those processed through our public schools. But the hard core Left (large "L") are as evil as any of Lenin's commissars. To get an idea of what compromise with that kind of evil would be like, imagine the west giving the Third Reich free hand to exterminate 3 million Jews, or you giving half of a biker gang free access to your wife and daughters.

One of their prime attributes is "projection". They accuse their opponents of doing everything they secretly desire to do. They have no interest in compromising with others. Offers of compromise are only a tactical ploy to help "progress" towards their opponents complete destruction.

Don't want my hands slapped again for posting supporting links so you'll have to web search for the original Woodrow Wilson era progressives' thoughts on processing young American men through college to produce their version of the "New Man" sought by just about everyone of the Hitler/Stalin/Castro/Pot mind set.

Informed42 said...

Here's my opinion I sent to friends.

Next comes the big hullaballoo about the Stars and Bars or otherwise known as The Confederate Battle Flag. All of the
crap that’s been thrown out by the blacks, the politicians and the Lame Stream Media, ad nauseum, is just one more issue
to stir the racial divisiveness the current administration has repeatedly caused and continues to cause. The nut case that
murdered the people at the black church in Charleston, SC was/is an obvious looney tune !! Had the entire incident not
immediately been pounced on and turned into a ‘feeding frenzy’ by the Lame Stream Media, the blacks everywhere and the
politicians, the issues of ‘the Flag’ may not have come up at all, or at least not become the ‘BIG’ deal that it is now. But oh
no, the media and everyone else has to heap fuel on the fire so they’ll all be able to have their mugs and mouths on the ‘idiot
lamp’ as much as possible. Some blacks view ‘the Flag’ as a symbol of slavery and hate. That’s their view of it and their
opinion. Which they’re entitled to. They either fail or refuse to view it as a part of American history displayed during one of
the biggest wars this country has ever fought. If they recognized it as such, and accepted that it didn’t have a damn thing to
do with slavery, they couldn’t keep on with the ‘poor us’ shit. Perhaps one of these days they’re going to stop living in the past
and crying ‘whoa is me/us’, and assimilate into our citizenry as Americans. Or, they never will, and will keep their hate for
whites going. In a few ways, they’re no different than the radical Muslim terrorists around the world. They hate the people and
countries that have done the most for them, and want to turn them into being like the countries they ran away from !! If that
isn’t asinine stupidity of the first degree, I don’t know what is.

Anonymous said...

The Hateful Smear Campaign Against Millions of Southerners Has Turned Into a Fight Over the Confederate Flag

There. Fixed it.

Anonymous said...


Morris Dees Praising the flag in 89 on video.

Anonymous said...

Well they could not get the opportunist blacks/militant left to riot after the shooting, so the flag is the next best target. It is just obscure enough for the low info voters to get fed talking points and just enough white guilt to shut up the reasonable center.

Anonymous said...

I think the timing of the Confederate flag controversy was intended to distract attention from the TPP being pushed through...plain and simple.