Saturday, July 4, 2015

Probe of church shooting expands beyond suspect

"...The New York Times, citing sources with knowledge of the investigation, said federal and state authorities have found that Roof had been in contact with white supremacists online, although it does not appear that they encouraged him to carry out the massacre."


Millwright said...

Seems like a unicorn tale to me. i suspect Mr. Roof's motives are far more complex than this (possible) whitewash job indicates. Certainly there are a great many puzzling aspect to this event and I suspect all americans have a vested interest in Daryl Roof's continued good health and availability for interrogation. Meanwhile I suggest its in everyone's best interest to seek and preserve all the reports and stories regarding Mr. Roof shortly after the news broke.

Not Me said...

Five will get you ten that the "White supremicists" he was in contact with were FBI informants or operatives.
What ? No takers ?

Anonymous said...

The narrative by the Obamanation has always been to demonize and falsely link people to the crimes his DOJ perpetrate..That narrative ha been around since his re-election...nothing new. Anyone paying attention to his mouthpieces speaking has heard that narrative, so what?

Sign me Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:51. that particular campaign has been around since before the Internet*

* as of c. 1989.,