Thursday, July 16, 2015

Move over "Don't Tread On Me," the Confederate battle flag is the new emblem of protest.

This was inevitable. In Oklahoma, protesters greet Obama with Confederate flags.
According to local news organizations, a man named Andrew Duncomb, who calls himself the “black rebel,” organized the Confederate flag demonstration. He also put together a similar protest on Saturday at the Oklahoma State Capitol — just a day after South Carolina removed its contested flag from the State Capitol grounds. His Facebook page features photos from that rally.


Harry_the_Horrible said...


The Gadsden flag is a flag of the Revolution and belongs to the entire country. Likewise the Bennington flag, and the Pine Tree (An Appeal to Heaven) flag. All of these are good for protesting Washington.

The Confederate battle flag belongs to the South, for good or bad. We shouldn't use it except for states rights issues in the South. It is a flag about dividing the country when interests of various groups became incompatible. And, well, we lost.

What we should really star considering, however, is adopting the Bonnie Blue Flag.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Mine is on order!

FedUp said...

History lesson from South Dakota, and how one asshole has twisted his panties into a knot over the Union-Confederate partnership that founded a city.

Anonymous said...

If the Confederate flag has been deemed offensive to blacks and MUST be torn down; how far behind can the American flag be, considering it massacred Native Americans (practically committing genocide against them), interned Japanese Americans without due process, murdered Middle Easterners and US minors as "collateral damage" with drones, etc.?

Apparently, black offensive holds greater weight than does that of yellow, red or brown.

Some of us are just more equal than others, apparently.

Anonymous said...

"The Confederate battle flag belongs to the South, for good or bad."


How is this possible when virtually every American family, north and south, east and west, black and white, was impacted by that war?

This flag is a reminder of those times and the horrendous sacrifices of blood and treasure on all sides and more importantly, lessons learned at horrific cost. Every time you look at it you should bow your head in reverence and sorrow, in empathy for the American family. It should not be hidden but displayed and yes there is no small amount of pride involved as well because we as a people survived and became a greater nation because of that war and those lessons learned.

Unless you're a communist/Marxist because all they want to do is destroy America and make it over into a Marxist paradise, where America is a bad word and a bad thing, destroyed by the popular revolutionary forces, which began and ends with lies and fear, displacing freedom and American justice.

Crotalus said...

Harry, did we not "divide a country" when we colonists declared our independence?