Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More from the American Taliban's collectivist cultural purge:

"While We're Doing The Flags, Here Are Some Other Confederate Things We Should Get Rid Of."


Anonymous said...

Kappa Sigma was my old fraternity, they sure did know how to party!

Comrade X

pdxr13 said...

Fast Company is a magazine for corporate looters and collectivists to congratulate each other in. To be included, you should be the CEO of a company about 5 years old that has borrowed billions of dollars for something related to National Security, ObamaCare or Green Energy. Think about "Burn Rate" and time-to-IPO, because there is no intrinsic value in most of these products or ideas beyond centralized control.

Jimmy the Saint said...

I understand that there's a very nice house in the Wannsee District of Berlin that is useful for holding meetings about getting rid of things that one finds displeasing.

Galaxie_Man said...

I'm waiting for someone to squawk about Six Flags Amusement Parks. You see, Six Flags is named in honor of the six flags of Texas, and one of those was the Texas in The Confederacy flag as well as the Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag (Stars and Bars). The six flags were, in order:

Spain 1519-1685, and 1690-1821
France 1685-1690
Mexico 1821-1836
Republic of Texas 1836-1845
Texas in The Confederacy 1861-1865
Texas in The United States 1845-1861, and 1865 to present

Maybe we could change the name of the parks from Six Flags to Five P.C. Flags.

Anonymous said...

And it continues...


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
When is this insanity going to stop?? How many witches will have to be hanged before some of the "Hangers" come to the realization that......"They are next!!!!" The Big Budda is gone by ISIS or whoever those G.F.'s are, Robert E. Lee is gone from "Lee Circle" in New Orleans, boy that was quick!! The rumblings are in the ground for "Stone Mountain" as well as Mt. Rushmore (The wish is to eliminate Washington and Jefferson because they owned slaves) My birthday is the same as Jefferson B. Davis, (not the same year though) am I going to be marked for execution by these idiots?? To them I say, remember the smile on the Cheshire cat, "Bring it on!!!!" "We're 'Not' all really Mad, You know??"
Got Gunz......OUTLAW???!!!,