Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Money is ammunition -- and the Washington state folks need resupply. Improvised Ordnance Manual discs again for sale to support LFA.

As regular readers know, the Washington state activists of Liberty For All are the tip of the spear when it comes to resistance to Bloomberg's Law. They have staged public "we will not comply" demonstrations and most recently, the background-check-free Arms Expo near Yakima. While there, I gave three blocks of instruction, one of them on Improvised Munitions (I hope to recreate these blocks with YouTube videos soon). In order to raise money for LFA, the Expo and Anthony Bosworth's legal defense fund, I sold CDs of my own personal selections of ordnance manuals pertinent to the subject. I have sold some of these CDs in the past to raise funds, including the following Army Materiel Command Engineering Design Handbooks :
AMP 706-150 Interior Ballistics of Guns, Feb. 1965, 156 pp.
AMP 706-210 Fuzes, General and Mechanical, Aug. 1963, 160 pp.
AMP 706-238 Recoilless Rifle Weapon Systems, Jan. 1976, 544 pp.
AMP 706-240 Grenades (Hand and Rifle) Dec. 1967, 97 pp.
AMP 706-245 Ammunition, Section 2, Design for Terminal Effects, July 1964, 207 pp.
AMP 706-251 Muzzle Devices, May 1968, 148 pp.
AMP 706-260 Automatic Weapons, Feb. 1970, 357 pp.
AMP 706-290 Warheads -- General, July, 1964, 222 pp.
In addition, on the discs I sold out in Yakima for LFA, I added:
The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives by Tenney L. Davis, 1943, 490 pp.
TM-9-1300-214 Military Explosives, Sept. 1984.
TM 31-210 Improvised Munitions Handbook, 1969.
Now, these manuals are sold, as they say, "for informational purposes only," and I always opened my classes with an "all laws apply" and "don't try this at home" disclaimer. Nonetheless, I will admit of the possibility -- hypothetically speaking -- that some reasonably intelligent future citizen, having already been made a criminal by a predatory, tyrannical government, might be able to use the detailed information in these various manuals in successful furtherance of said "criminality." My purpose in these seminars, after all, is to prove the utter futility of arms control on a unwilling citizenry. A careful reading of these manuals in their particularities reinforce that point quite well.
That said, I would like to offer copies of the Yakima discs for sale to you, my readership, for what I was selling them there for: $20 each, plus a $5 one time shipping charge regardless of quantity. All proceeds apart from actual shipping expenses will be sent to LFA. Please specify in your order whether you would like the money to go to LFA's operations or to the Anthony Bosworth legal defense fund. You may send the orders (or any other contributions you wish to make) to my P.O. Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126 (make checks or money orders out in my name and I will see that the funds are forwarded appropriately) or by using the PayPal button on the right side of this page.
Lastly, if you wish to donate directly to LFA you may do so online at the donate tab at
Money is ammunition, folks, and the Washingston state LFA folks need resupply.

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