Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lack of originality breaking out all over. It seems there is no idea that I can have that Kerodin cannot steal (or pollute) if it is for money or a desperate yearning for relevance.

Ask and ye shall receive.Courtesy of a reader. Feel free to copy this and have it printed out as a sticker form in color or black and white (whichever is cheapest to you) and let the fun begin.
And you may file this under: "Desperately seeking relevance (and money)." I am informed by readers who frequent his site (as I do not) that unrepentant federal extortionist Kerodin has stolen the Death Zone sticker idea, with the date stamps conclusively demonstrating that mine was up first. I suppose now that I will receive a demand letter asking for money to print my own idea, like he did with the poor gun manufacturers after he attempted to trademark the Roman numeral III. It seems there is no idea that I can have that Kerodin cannot steal (or pollute) if it is for money. Of course there is that matter of the missing tens of thousands that his board quit him over so I guess he needs to replenish the coffers. And I will admit he's had some other really spectacular ORIGINAL ideas on his own, like the III Arms business (his business partner on that one has now, I am told, cut off all contact with him and surrendered his FFL) and the Citadel (anybody living there yet?) and my personal favorite, the Magic Bus, for which he was soliciting money to visit the site of any future Bundy Ranch-style situation (even though he refused to go to the original stand-off and warned others to stay away). But other than that, he's firing on all cylinders. (Cue responding violence-tinged raving hissy fit in one, two, three . . .)


Anonymous said...

Well okay then. I guess that answers that question.

Anonymous said...

The worst crime is faking it ~ Kurt Cobain

Allen said...

I still say he's part of the same program as Hal Turner.

Anonymous said...

Format the artwork for a square 2" sticker and use Avery labels and their free software to print as many as you need.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Funny thing you should mention that!! If anyone asks, I still have a couple of "Your"...... "O-R-I-G-N-A-L" "III" patches with "Audentes Fortuna Juvat" across the top!! "And!," The original envelope they came in with the US Govt. Postal Date Stamp on it!!! Just to say it all precludes any of Krakiotin's kalaims!!! 'Sportin' one on my Denim Jacket and I gave one to my step son. Still have a couple left!!
Blue skies Buddy!!,
Got Gunz........OUTLAW??!!,

Anonymous said...

Mike, I pointed out his latest little profiteering adventure to you not because I "regularly visit his site". I went there from a link posted on WRS blog. Frankly, I wish Pete would inform all readers of the site name before posting a link. I can not stand Kerodin's comments or blog-site drivel. My bullshit meter hits full tilt whenever I read his stuff.

It was informative to read your update about his other money-making arrangements. Too funny! Maybe it is the world that is wrong about Kerodin and not the other way around.

Until Kerodin can answer the big questions; #1-- come clean about his federal conviction and #2-- explain to the world how it is that a convicted felon can own, possess, use, or carry a firearm, I will steer way clear of him, his site and any of his profiteering schemes. All the way over here I smell a Fed-rat, entrapment play coming from this shyster.

Arkindole said...

I would collect your ideas and get a struggling college/university kid (no lack of em out there) to do the layout etc. for some pocket change, then unload them to Cafepress. Then drop the link on your pages. They take care of all the logistics and you can then concentrate on your writing and footwork. That would take care of the "intellectual property" issue. 0.02.

Anonymous said...

He can't own a firearm, and always tries to imply that he was set upon by the feds for his position as a "patriot" ("Don't piss off the feds by doing 'Patriot Capers', or they'll get you like they got me"). Way I understand it, his Board left him over his need to control EVERYTHING (something the Board does in a non profit, not the President), and a lack of transparency (imagine that), and an inability to get the things to new IIIPSFA members that he promised (bling). He always eludes to being a super sleuth "spy type" (what a joke) in his past, yet he has never been in the mil or worked for the gov. You should get a reader in the know to pull up a play by play of his past, starting with graduating from HS. His HVAC Commando skills would be the first to pop up I bet. Oh, and let's not forget he's going to certify people (for a couple grand) in the "Fight to your weapon" three day martial arts "train the trainer" instructor course, but has no belt or MA cert himself (Mr. "I don't believe in a ranking/belt system").