Monday, July 13, 2015

In the face of evil, find no comfort in pacifism

Some who consider such statements anathema include genuine pacifists — that is, people who hate war, as opposed to pretend-pacifists, who merely hate the West. What I’ve always found ironic about the first group, the genuine pacifists, is that what they would like is so completely at odds with what they’re likely to get. Their aim is to avoid bloodshed, but what they achieve is more leeway for tyrants and fanatics of the nuclear ayatollahs’ kind: empire builders, secular or religious, for whom shedding blood is all in a day’s work.


Sean said...

As good as pacifists intend, the results of their efforts are mostly evil. Which leads you to believe that their intentions are actually evil. I've already made up my mind, that when the Big Change occurs, as full as my hands will be with the problems of keeping my clan alive and safe, I am making no allowances or any support for pacifists. If they want to eat, and otherwise live with my clan, they had best be changing their ways. Two options for them if they don't agree. Exile, for life, or two in the back of the head. If a person can't even be counted on to defend their own life, they are worse than useless, and an enemy among their friends.

Anonymous said...

Pacifist: n. A person so devoid of moral compass, that they've made the conscious decision that nothing good is worth fighting for.