Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Faking A Stand

“No single reform will eliminate violence,” Obama conceded in the OFA email, setting the stage for more demands after the first ones have been met. That’s not the goal anyway, and never has been, but it does provide fake cover for conning the ignorant into surrendering their rights and believing it’s for their own good.

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Josh said...

Criminals by definition do not obey law so will not be disarmed by antigun legislation, how does antigun legislation effect criminal operations? Gun bans help criminals by disarming their law-abiding victims, wich also makes the politicians co-criminals due to their disarming those who would not use arms to commit crimes.

As there is no other way around this fact, when you see and hear a politician desiring to ban guns you know that politician is your enemy and desires your harm by criminals in and out of office. Anyone who wants you disarmed is an enemy who means you harm.