Sunday, July 19, 2015

Either ironically suicidal or extremely canny.

Given that the Trump rise in poll numbers and attention seems to have sucked all the oxygen out of the room for Cruz, this seems both ironic and suicidal. "Cruz on Trump: Others 'Smack' Him; I Back Him." On the other hand, it may be extremely canny and based upon the expectation that Trump will implode and positions Cruz to pick up his supporters with the pitch: "I tell the truth like Trump, only I'm actually sane."


Arkindole said...

And, donor cash that will follow. It's called inertia. We're big fans of 4GW here, so, use that in the context of the fight with GOPe.

Anonymous said...

I never, ever trusted Donald Trump. He gave a speech at an anti - Safe-act rally in Albany NY last year and I left when he spoke. He's a huge financial supporter of the Democrat Party and his only real goal in life is to build casinos. Gambling may be seen by many to be a victimless crime but it has destroyed many lives. All while he gets richer. And i wonder just who he is a front man for with these casinos? Show me a better may to launder money and I'll show you one of the major banks. If the media really hated his rhetoric they would just ignore him, like they did Ron Paul. But they constantly give him airplay. Why? To portray everyone who is against illegal immigration as a buffoon? To steal votes away from someone who could make some real changes? Dr. Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily seems to think he's for real, but i don't. I smell a rat..

Anonymous said...

Trump and Cruz are both FRAUDS! This is nothing but "Good Cop"/"Bad Cop" Theatre to Try and make us believe the repub party is a Conservative alternative to the dems when it isn't, so we will not Finally leave the hopelessness and black hole of the repub party and form a Constitutionally Conservative Political Party to replace it with!

Trump has not Ever been a big supporter of Our God Given Second Amendment Rights and just two weeks ago, that Phony Ted Cruz was Fully behind 'Fast Trak' and the 'TPP Treaty', until he found out the repubs had more than enough votes to help Obama pass it, then Cruz changed his vote at the last second to maintain his fraudulent "Conservative" street cred!

Cruz and his wife Heidi Nelson Cruz's ENTIRE political career's have been working for or at the behest of the Bush Family...They are No Conservatives!

The repubs always,alway's,always find a way to cave to the dems when they could have stopped part of Obama's agenda and that is no "Coincidence"...The repubs and dems are clearly working together to run our Constitutional Republic left and off of a cliff!

We need a new Party Now!

Anonymous said...

Trump, lost me when he said he wanted Oprah to be his VP.

ashv said...

No need to trust Trump to be a good president to support him at this point; he's the best chance we have at the destruction of the Republican party so far, and that would be better news than any election outcome.