Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Anybody have more information about this one? "Blanchard man vows armed resistance if evicted."

While Visner’s public social media postings have garnered a good deal of support, at least some in the anti-government movement have also started to question his claims. On Monday, Michigan Three Percenters, an anti-government group who Visner claimed showed up Sunday but wanted to talk to him away from his property, took to social media to warn members from believing his claims and getting involved in a dangerous situation without the facts. “After digging into Ted Visner and his claims, I am asking everyone to not get involved,” the Three Percenters Club of Michigan posted on its own Facebook page Monday. “We cannot give him credibility at this time.”
See also: Sheriff's Department Takes Family's Home and Contents Using a Fake Eviction


Anonymous said...

Is this what passes for reporting nowadays? Seriously? So WHY is he being evicted from his CURRENT residence? The second article makes the claim that he has copies of checks to prove payment in the first eviction/confiscation....but no mention of what's causing the problem now.

From those two articles, it's "foggy" at best as to what's actually going on there.

Anonymous said...

He goes by "Ted Visner" on Facebook, pretty easy to find. You don't have to friend him either, he has all of his videos available to the public.

Josh said...

Why did the alleged 3% guy want to talk to him away from his home? Why do they need him away from his home? Sounds to me like they're trying to set him up.

FedUp said...

First "landlord", he claims he was buying on land contract, "landlord" claims he didn't pay his rent. He claims he has cancelled checks. He says he was on vacation, "landlord" says he abandoned the property so she didn't have to evict him, yet she seems to admit that all his household effects were on site.
I'm thinking the judge seriously dropped the ball, or "victim" seriously bungled his suit. It sounds like the "landlord" or "land contract seller" performed an illegal eviction by her own admission and owes him all his household effects.

Now, five years later, same "victim", different landlord, and he's talking eviction again. Methinks the problem is with him and not with everybody who lets him into a house they own.

That said, who is the Michigan III%?