Friday, July 3, 2015

Another alternate universe heard from: "Thank you, Michael Moore, for your works of endless courage, integrity, and conviction. We need Moore.".

From the Daily Collectivist: "Michael Moore Nails Every Racist, War-Mongering, Pseudo-Christian, RW Gun Extremist - In One Tweet."
Michael Moore: "One proud White American, in less than 2 minutes, has killed TWICE as many Americans as ISIS has in 2 years. White Terrorists."


Anonymous said...

I don't worry about guys like Moore. Time and again I've seen guys built like him drop from a heart condition long before the age of 50 (Before 40 in some cases). So go have another Big Mac and wash it down with a Coke big-guy. You'll be doing all of us a big favor..

Ed said...

Beware the violent, mentally ill and terrorists. They are not necessarily one and the same, but that is a distinction that I would not accuse Moore to be capable of making. Lumping the two together is altogether too easy.

Anonymous said...

I read the post headline and thought it was a joke at first.
Then I read the . . . dare I call it. .. "article"? (I guess hagiography would be a better fit).
Then I thought, #1-Like CNNs falling viewership, who reads Teh Kos?
and #2-When did blobified Mikey become relevant? In anything? At any time?

Oh, and a happy and safe Independence Day to all'ya'all out there. I have my Nyberg III% flag flying in the front yard. Stay healthy. I'd rather see you, then view you.

B Woodman

Meister said...

I just chuckle and shake my head. If that's what they aspire to, the upcoming tribulation won't be as brutal as I had expected.

Anonymous said...

That's right! You just keep on talkin', Mikey. When democracy turns to tyranny and voting is done with reloads, we'll send a squad of 'cleaners' out especially for you, buddy. Get your affairs in order.

Backwoods Engineer said...

I am NOT going to give the DailyKosCommunist site a single click. Mike, can you please edit your post to show us Moore's Tweet?

Musashi said...

Thanks to the wonders of the internet we now have a permanent record of every agitator that was behind the destruction of this nation. No one will be able to deny their part in the upcoming chaos.

Anonymous said...

Moore ignores the tens of thousands of "People of Color" ISIS has murdered.

Apparently People of Color don't matter to Moore.

Moore's a racist!

Unknown said...

"One proud White American, in less than 2 minutes, has killed TWICE as many Americans as ISIS has in 2 years..."

And this is the kind of person they want to piss-off? What are they thinking?