Monday, July 13, 2015

A man created a font that tells you if the NSA might think you're a terrorist

Thus came Project Seen, which, at first glance, looks like a pleasant-looking sans serif font. But while you type, it actively analyzes the output for any trigger words. If a trigger word appears, it's automatically redacted. To Kozole, Seen is a way to show people the issue "in a more sophisticated way." Before, the trigger list was just a list of words. Now it becomes something people can experience.


Arkindole said...

Sans Serif. I get it; Westerners. Uh, maybe right wing Americans. Maybe those bitterclingers.

Yep that's the ticket...An "autocensor" based on algorithms that are undoubtedly incorrect. Built exclusively for the terminally insecure and undecided.


It's a good thing Yahoo and their readers waste time like this, have the newest iWhatevers, and have unlimited bandwidth for their social media crapfests.

Anonymous said...

So if I have this right, it means that some government computer, somewhere is watching (and recording) every word I write and analysing everything I say. This is then used to provide reasonable suspicion and/or probable cause, which is then rubber stamped by 2 or 3 people and an appointed federal judge.

And none of it is constitutional but they do it anyway.

Because their appointed judges say it is, constitutional.


Anonymous said...

That is the problem with the LIE that the judiciary decides what is and is not constitutional. See, we the people via our legislatures DECIDE what is and isn't constitutional BASED ON what our constitution ACTUALLY SAYS. We created a judiciary the APPLY what it is WE DECIDED. It is to stop believing the con, the scam, ran on us by the Bar Association. They are not our rulers! Their self created TITLE OF NOBILITY carries no special status to ignore the constitution. Enough of that madness!!!
Stop believing the big con.

Anonymous said...

Thank God .We have the Un- Patriot Act ,NDAA,TSA, and the Dept. of Home land In- Security. Bush 2, had to bring in X - East German Stasi and X -Russian KGB .To train these fledgling new American jack boot divisions. You know he made his Daddy[We are a new - world order] ,Bush 1 proud . When he and his fellow conspirator's ,in the District of Criminals.[Neo-Cons and Collectivist, Progressives]tore up the Constitution and Bill of Rights . Must be the New American Century. Bunch of sick mother fuckers!!! Behind enemy lines. In Unconstitutional, collectivist Ct. We will not stand down, nor comply. AAA/O.11B20.

Anonymous said...

I notice Wolverines isn't one of the watchwords. For the time being, that is.