Tuesday, June 9, 2015

You've GOT to be kidding me.

US Embassy moves Fourth of July Celebration to June 4 'out of respect for Ramadan'
It is a bedrock of Islamic scripture that infidels must bow down in submission to Islam and Muslims, being tolerated so long as they endure humiliations and pay a special tax. Muslims have no obligations at all to infidels, which is why you will never see an counterpart to the submission just demonstrated by the US Embassy in Jakarta. This is a moment of national dhimmitude and deep shame.


Anonymous said...

It's a sickness, Mike. These psycho-liberals have this gnawing need to lessen, subtract, overwrite or DE-emphesize the Greatness of America. It's so telling that they have to go to such lengths to even equalize America with the rest of the world.
This is temporary. America will come back.

Anonymous said...

Recently learned of a Patton Quote re the barbarism at WW2's end involving the treatment of German POW's; Cannot believe America has sunk this Low...?

Ed said...

That humming you hear may be President John Adams spinning:


Our history and culture should be shared, unaltered. The embassy could hold the BBQ after sunset. Don't forget the cold beer!