Saturday, June 13, 2015

WTF? North Korea? "James Boulware: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know."

The 2013 criminal complaint makes interesting reading. This guy obviously has some personal demons in his head.
On April 30th 2013, the complainant (Boulware's mother) had gone into the kitchen to make her something to eat when the suspect (Boulware) began making comments about North and South Korea, and began talking rudely about religion, Jews, and Christians towards the complainant. Witness Robert Gaither (Boulware's uncle) was in the living room and heard the suspect become agitated toward the complainant. The complainant made the comment to the suspect about "going to hell," when the suspect suddenly grabbed the complainant's throat with both of his hands and began squeezing on the complainant's neck.
So after trying to choke his own mother:
Boulware left his mother’s house and went to his brother’s home in Paris, Texas, where he removed several guns, rifles, body armor and several boxes of ammunition and left. His family told police Boulware had recently made comments about “shooting up schools and churches.”

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Ed said...

"...witnesses reported seeing up to four people firing at officers"?

Those witnesses may have their own demons in their heads.