Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Why Connecticut Is Self-Destructing." If it weren't for the honest, innocent hard-working victims of these collectivist morons, I'd say it couldn't happen to more deserving anal sphincters.

GE Is Considering Leaving Connecticut Over Democrats’ Tax Hikes
Why Connecticut Is Self-Destructing
The final, and perhaps most important, reason for Connecticut's financial decline has been the regional legacy of what used to be called "Rockefeller Republicanism" — a belief in the government's capacity to responsibly manage large social programs. While the broad economic rebound accompanying President Reagan's tax cuts and President Clinton's later endorsement of welfare reform convinced many Americans of the need to fulfill their social obligations through private charity and direct civic involvement, the convenience of just writing a check to Hartford has always retained a lingering appeal for the state's two most influential "can't be bothered" factions: those in the notoriously high-pressure world of finance and those in the notoriously low-pressure world of old money.
Much has made of the fact that three of Connecticut's largest corporations, General Electric, Aetna, and Travelers Insurance, have finally expressed their displeasure over this last round of tax increases along with not-so-veiled threats to move their headquarters to friendlier jurisdictions. But what were the executives of these businesses and their largest shareholders thinking all the years they drove past some of America's most devastated cities — including Bridgeport, Middletown, New Britain, and Waterbury — on their way to work or a night out in Manhattan? Only willful ignorance can explain why such blatant indicators of the state's inability to govern itself failed to register much earlier.


Galaxie_Man said...

I am trying my damnedest to get my wife on board to getting the hell out of Kommiecticut, but she is still not fully convinced. I actually made up a Pros & Cons list, that continues to grow as time marches on. For those of you living in the Free States of America, I will share it so you can appreciate the misery I and my fellow Patriots endure here.

GO......28 Reasons

•CT Income Tax (increased 2X in the past 5 years)
•CT Sales Tax (expanded OR increased every budget cycle)
•CT Property Taxes (mostly due to out of control Boards of Education)
•CT Fuel taxes and fuel prices in general
•CT forced recycling (bottle/can deposit)
•Alcohol sales: state minimum pricing and sales tax (I just buy out of state)
•High cost of living in all other aspects (utilities, groceries, etc.)
•CT illegal alien sanctuary cities and CT drivers licenses for illegals
•CT Unfunded state mandates (all) and always adding more
•CT binding arbitration for public employees (they can not EVER be fired)
•CT occupational licensing high fees, too much B.S. regulation
•Out of control environmental regulations, licensing, and fees
•CT generally unfriendly climate to ALL business
•Single party rule and state government totally out of control
•No more winters, no more snow
•Eventual loss of medical insurance thanks to full support and implementation of Obummercare
•CT Adoption of Common Core public education methods and curriculum
•TX or TN; more property and house for less money
•TX or TN pride and heritage……CT, does not exist (I am ashamed to be from here)
•Abolished Death Penalty, but pro-abortion and contemplating assisted suicide
•Gay Marriage
•Minimum wage raised to $10.10 (more destruction of business and employment)
•Reinstating Tolls
•Early release of dangerous convicts
•Expanding casino gambling to fill state coffers in spite of town objections
•Improper use of eminent domain (see Kelo vs City of New London)
•Voter fraud: same day registration allowed, many irregularities in the last two elections. Guess which party won big statewide???

STAY 8 Reasons

• Family here
• Friends & neighbors here
• Our house
• Living in our town
• The volunteer fire department I belong to
• Steady jobs with benefits (at this instant anyway)
• Having to sell off, consolidate, pack up, and move
• Hot weather down south (meh, not so terrible)

Score 28-8…..TIME TO GTFO!!!

Anonymous said...

Read the main "GE-is-departing-CT" article. Couldn't happen to a more deserving self-destructive state.
It says that GE is looking for greener pastures to resettle in. Living in a fairly business friendly state, I can't say at this moment if I would be glad if GE moved here for the employment and money it would provide; or be upset for the leftist leaning, Libtard crony capitalism influence that Jeffry Immelt and the GE HQ elite would bring with them.

Rather like the attitude that those outside of Kalifornication have towards those fleeing the once-golden-state (because they've shit in their own nest and finally can't stand it anymore), "Don't Kalifornicate (our state)".

B Woodman

PO'd American said...

I certainly hope that no one actually believes that the Cork Sucking Iceholes at GE will garner any sympathy or that they will ever leave Conn. Connecticut and GE truly deserve each other. Neutron Jack, Larry Bossidy, Jeffret Immelt, Jimmy McNerney and the rest of the demon seed that are grown in the GE petri dishes and then swim away to infect the rest of the corporate world. I believe that I read somewhere that George Soros was actually incubated in a GE Test Tube!!

Anonymous said...

At some point, maybe in the near future, you can expect the government to step in and say "You are not allowed to leave"...

Anonymous said...

And the truly evil part of all this is that CT Governor Dannel Malloy has no intention of completing his second term as Governor which ends in 2019. He will leave office early before the ticking time bomb that is the latest budget goes off in his face.

Malloy is lobbying hard for a senior position in Hillary Clinton's administration. He wants to be "called to service" in DC in 2017 after the POTUS election and before the next Governor is seated in 2019. I suspect he is angling to be the VP nominee but would settle for something cabinet level.

He is a text book sociopath and has used his time as Governor to further his political career at the expense of this once great state.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:07PM,
Sounds like something straight out of Atlas Shrugged (Part III, I think).

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Reading that article felt like I was reading a chapter out of "Atlas Shrugged." Nothing even seems real anymore.

Robert Fowler said...

Galaxie_Man said...
•No more winters, no more snow

Some of the coldest winters I ever spent were in North Texas. Not a lot of snow, but plenty of cold wind and ice.

MissAnthropy said...

What's the matter Immelt? I thought you were all aboard the progressive train as it heads over the cliff.

Don't you just love it when these progressive crony-capitalists like Immelt, Buffet, etc, agitate for bigger and bigger government but then direct their own companies for the sake of profitability.

Galaxie_Man said...

@Robert Fowler:

Any winter that the Great State of Texas could ever possibly dish out is NOTHING compared to what we just endured up here, and I would probably enjoy it a little. This past season was more like what they normally experience in Minnesota or northern Maine. I was actually in the Dallas area during the snowstorm of Valentines Day 2004. If you guys could just learn how to drive in that crap you'd be alright. (lol!)

Anonymous said...

CT is toast. The wealth here is really walled off into enclaves already. No one in their right minds goes into Bport, NHaven and parts of Harford as doing so may get you killed for no reason. I avoid them or driving through them like the plague. Just no reason to tempt fate.

But it's clear there is an exodus and has been for a while. Smart people here can do the math and realize they will simply continue to suck the life from this corpse til it is just empty marrow bones. Hell that's an accurate description of Bridgeport and New Haven now.

Anonymous said...

I lived in that place for 29 years, and finally had enough of their crap. I grew up in Ft Worth TX and Ct was like a foreign country to me. It might be just me, but I got the impression that the place was full of perfectly possessed people....Usually lawyers and politicians, they were like zombies or robots and devoid of anything resembling normal human traits. There were some in my National Guard unit, others in various jobs, but they all had the same condition..Taxes and fees to buy votes from people quartered in various ghettos, all the usual signs..

Anonymous said...

[D]im Witt Dannel Malloy and his revision of decrepit [infrastructure] high ways in Ct. Highways to nowhere. Too bad their are no meaningful paying jobs left in Ct. Except in the short term unionized road construction industry.They run every one out with high taxes. And Unconstitutional laws against the 2nd Amendment... Malloy is stumping hard for Hitlery Rodham Clinton as next POTUS... He believes her progressiveness ,is what America needs. Yea and so did Al Gore[climate change spin master] and Joe Liebermann... Behind Enemy Lines. In Unconstitutional, collectivist Ct. We will not stand down, nor comply. AAA/O.11B20.